bella’s experience with dr. edward dove

after going through a few days of regret, anger and tears over bella’s recent experience at the dentist office, gia and i felt that we simply could not let the experience go, and have to share with whoever might listen.  my sole motivation for sharing is that prospective clients of pediatric dentist Edward Dove of Fresno (and Chatsworth, Bakersfield, and Lancaster) might read this and simply pass on his services — so that no other child has to endure what my daughter did this week.  please read this whole post.

bella was referred to dr. edward dove of fresno through her health insurance with kaiser.  she took x-rays a few weeks ago, which according to the dentist, showed she needed fairly extensive dental work (several crowns and “baby” root canals).  the dr recommended “oral conscious sedation,” which involves taking medicine that supposedly makes the child VERY drowsy and loopy — enough to where they “don’t care” that dental work is being done.  we had this work done once before at USC school of dentistry, and they were fantastic, so although we asked many of the same questions, we felt like a dr. who “specializes in pediatric dentistry” and has done this for a long time should be the expert, and we followed his plan. in our conversations, dr. dove made me feel like a complete idiot for asking certain questions — as if he was an excellent dentist, this was completely routine, and the questions were virtually worthless to even ask.

we arrived at the 11 am appointment at least 30 minutes early, and bella was given her medicine around 10:45.  we immediately noticed LOUD music from the back and wondered why in the world the dentist would play music like this (more on this below).  it took a while for the medicine to seem to work, but bella began to be very drowsy and loopy.  around 11:20, a big, burly nurse came in and virtually ripped bella from my arms — saying nothing to me.  i began to follow her into the room, when dr. dove stepped in front of me, clearly wanting me to stop — i said, “i’m going in there to comfort my daughter and say goodbye to her.”  dove said flatly, “what’s that going to help?”  Then looked at my mom and said, “she’ll be right back” in a demeaning tone — as if i was a complete moron to want to comfort my daughter.

i followed them into the back room — aware that even though they use this medicine, that they need to restrain the child in case of sudden movements while doing the dental work.  they placed bella on the table and strapped her in.  bella seemed ok, so i told her i loved her, kissed her forehead, and left the room.  again, we had done this at USC, and everything worked according to plan.  only about 5 minutes later, my mom and i hear a distinct shrill from the back room.  another scream… and MORE.  bella was screaming as loud as she could — heard even above the loud music that is clearly designed to drown out any crying.  my mom left the waiting room.  i also left a few minutes later — only to still be able to hear her FROM OUTSIDE the building. the screaming continued off and on for the duration (about 30 min) of the procedure.

the nurses assured me “she was not in actual pain” because she was numb — but whatever the case, it was entirely clear that the medicine DID NOT do it’s job, and i now know that the dentist should have stopped IMMEDIATELY.  but he pressed on.  the nurses also assured me “they are almost done.”  the screaming and yelling continued, and i know that i should have told them to finish whatever they were doing, and let me in.

when the job was complete, dr. dove comes into the waiting room.  i don’t really even look at him and try to make it past — but again he stops me, and says, ”your daughter has quite the forceful personality.”  — clearly in attempt to shed any responsibility from himself over what just happened.

when i got in the room, bella was completely drenched in urine and sweat. my daughter was so terrified that she had wet herself, and had been struggling so much that her upper shirt was drenched in sweat.  i grabbed her and her heart was literally beating out of her chest.  she, of course, was sobbing and crying, uncontrollably, having difficulty catching her breath, and her mouth still bleeding from the work.  i took her to my car and had my mom sit with her while i went to get more gauze from the office.  bella, thankfully, had began calming down, and started to fall asleep again.  later that day, we noticed BRUISES on her shoulders — i am convinced they pinned bella down forcefully (i took pictures today, which show light bruises).

my only prayer during the whole thing was that the medicine would at least make her forget what had happened (something the dentist said was likely to happen… ”they forget it all anyway”).  not wanting to remind her of what happened, i waited a day and a half to ask her if she remembered.  unfortunately, she said, “yeah, they strapped me into that thing, and i was screaming a lot.” since tuesday, i’ve noticed a pronounced difference in the demeanor of my daughter — she’s fairly lethargic and sluggish when normally she is VERY happy and energetic.  please pray for her.

unfortunately, bella is only one piece of what’s going on with dr. dove.  i have recently been in contact with a man from bakersfield who had a similar experience last august, and has since been in contact with literally dozens, if not hundreds, of other parents from bakersfield, chatsworth, and lancaster with the same story.  i am the first from fresno to be in contact with him.  there was a lot of media attention with this doctor over these issues in bakersfield (google it if you want).

what’s more, i didn’t know until after that gia had called the office on monday to cancel — primarily, gia didn’t feel comfortable with having an 11 am appointment since we were required to have her fast. the office also made her feel like an idiot — instructing her that if we canceled, we wouldn’t get another appointment for 6 months while “your daughters teeth will get worse and worse.” we were guilted and almost coerced into going through with it (at all points along the way), fearing that something worse could happen should we NOT do it (this was the mantra given by the office at multiple points).

i am utterly shocked, appalled, and saddened that this man is practicing dentistry and basically torturing children.  i am so sad for my daughter right now, and am 100% regretful that i didn’t do something to stop it. the most glaring problem, among the many, was that the doctor actually continued on with the procedure when bella CLEARLY was not properly sedated. they paid absolutely no regard to the well-being of my child, and made not attempt whatsoever to encourage comfort and peace (how about turning down the music, turning down the lights, and simply being caring for a 4 year old?).

my only hope at this point — other than my daughter returning to normal with no emotional (or even physical) problems resulting from this — is that other children and parents don’t have to go through this same thing.  PLEASE spread the word regarding Dr. Edward Dove, who does pediatric dentistry in Lancaster, Bakersfield, Chatsworth, and Fresno.  PLEASE point them to this website and post, and feel free to comment in this section if you have a similar story to mine regarding dr. dove in fresno.

thank you so much for reading this, and i would appreciate your prayers for my daughter.


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  1. i am absolutely apalled to hear that this happened to bella!! my heart hurt as i read about her experience. i am so sorry to hear of this and I hope that you are able to find some kind of way to press some form of legal charges against this person who is obviously not suitable to perform medical procedures on children or adults. i will definitely be keeping bella in my prayers as well as you and gia…i can only imagine how completely infuriated you must feel right now! thanks for writing about your experience!

    • I am SO Angry to hear both you and your child were treated this way. We have five children, ages 6 to 19. All of our kids “get cavities easily, and one child has had tooth abcesses due to birthparent neglect. After years of more dental treatments than I would ever be able to count and trying both pediatric and family dentists, we have been with Dr. ANDREA BERRYHILL (Fresno. 559.439.2307) for over 7 years now.

      After years of taking our children to Dr. jelmini, our oldest two kids were seen by my dentist and were then able to compare the pain management of my “family” dentist and dr jelmini. I was shocked and saddened to the point of having difficulty sleeping when my oldest two told me how much pain and discomfort they had been experiencing all those years. Their experiences were nothing like what poor Bella had to endure, but it seems the pediatric dentists have been taught in error that if the work is done quickly, the kids won’t endure enough discomfort for it to really matter. My kids thought their experiences were normal dentistry. Dr. Jelmini used all the right meds and tools, but he went very quickly, which caused unnecessary pain and discomfort, albeit what some might consider minor.

      By contrast, Dr. Berry hill, works at a peaceful, calm, and slow pace with her patients. My older two children say she is THE most gentle dentist they have ever been seen by.

      One of my children has special needs. Working with special needs children is one of Dr. Berryhill’s specialties, which is how we were referred to her in the first place. Before Dr. Berryhill was our children’s dentist, my special-needs child had to be completely asleep in order to be treated for even simple procedures like fillings. Dr. Berryhill has been treating this same child in her office for over 7 years without putting her to sleep or giving her verced(the memory-forgetting drug)!

      My prayers are with your family during your recovery from such a difficult and painful experience!

  2. Bella is in my prayers. So sorry that she had to experience this. even if she could not feel the pain, which I pray she did not feel much , what human in their right mind would continue to work on a child who was so upset .

  3. Kate Gibson-Cates

    Brian, that is heartbreaking!! And from a pediatric dentist??!! I’m in shock. Are you considering turning him into the licensing board? Doctors should never make their patients feel like idiots for asking questions. I think he took advantage of his position as the “expert” and harmed people in the process. Shame on him.

  4. This made me cry. I am so incredibly sorry to hear this happened. I will be praying for Bella…I know what it’s like to be completely traumatized from dentistry at a young age. Her little heart and mind must be so confused and terrified. Its comforting that Jesus is and will be oh so close to her in her confusion and with you two as parents. I’ll pray for wisdom.
    Thanks for writing this. It was the right thing to do.

  5. All of us moms need to repost this! You need to press charges so there is a legal record of this, please. I am praying for you, Bella and your family. I am so sorry your daughter was violated like this!!!

  6. this is CRAAAAAZY. seriously. how professionals today can get away with this is beyond me. i would even call local news stations to see if they want to take up what happened. the more press you can get surrounding this the better. this guy should have to answer for the actions he took, the repercussions – and not place blame on a FOUR YEAR OLD GIRL!

  7. I am so very sad, yet angered to read about your experiences. I pray for your family’s healing and restoration. However, this doctor should not continue to “practice” medicine. Please contact others in the medical field with a formal complaint. His actions are barbaric and should cease. Let us pray that dear little Bella is one of his last patients-ever!

  8. File a complianton the dental board of Californiadbc

  9. I do not know you, someone forwarded this to me. This is AWFUL. Please believe me when I say, you have a case. Please contact an attorney. I have always been afraid of something like this to my children, people need to know! I’m passing this on. Prayers for you, your wife and sweet angel Bella.

  10. hope babcock

    Seems to be getting harder and harder to find good Dr.’s. It was not so long ago you could ask a friend for a recomendation of a good Dr. or Dentist and they would give you several names.Not true anymore. I’d like to say that I could give you the name of a good pediatric dentist, only because I have 4 young children with special needs, and have to be sedated. Unfortunately I cannot. I’ve even traveled to other cities to see so called specialists, where the outcome has been the same if not worse.What is even more frustrating we as parents or caregivers are treated so HORRIBLY and left to feel so helpless, we begin to blame ourselves. I truly hope that there is someone out there that might be able to lead or steer us in the right direction ,so as to get the proper help needed for our children. I certainly will keep you and your daughter in my prayers.

  11. I certainly hope you have filed a written complaint with the BBB. Your local BBB in Bakersfield and Fresno is 800-675-8118.

  12. Wow, I am so sorry for you daughter to have experienced this. I think you should press charges. If THEY saw marks on you daughter, THEY would be legally obligated to report abuse. So I think that if you saw marks they put on your daughter, you should file a report.

  13. Rebekah vivian Campbell

    I have a question can you send me an email. I don’t want to post on here. This is so heart breaking.

  14. I work as a dental assistant. Although I have never been employed by a pediatric dentist, I’ve often worked cases with children, both sedated and fully conscious. Just about everything that doctor and his staff did from the very start of your appointment screams malpractice. If children are to be restrained, it is with a device called a papoose board, which while it looks pretty scary, is safely padded to prevent thrashing and bruising.

    Sedation dentistry is not a fool proof method, and many people react differently to the medication. I’ve had experiences ranging from a sedated man asking me to run away with him to Vegas (as his wife sat less than five feet away!) to a woman who began screaming and crying before any work was started. The doctor I was working with performed multiple successful procedures on the man, whereas he refused to treat the hysterical woman. That is good practice, and that is what should have happened with your daughter. The moment she started freaking out, the doctor should have realized she was having a negative reaction to the sedation, and refused to treat her that day.

    The fact that she was bleeding and had wet herself is so horrendous I can’t even wrap my mind around it. No possible course of treatment should have led to that as an end result. Sustained bleeding is not the result of the basic restorative work the doctor said he would be doing. It is the result of quick, shoddy work.

    I would whole heartedly recommend speaking with an attorney who specializes in dental malpractice (not to mention confirming any billing he submitted to your insurance company, if applicable; any doctor who runs his practice that way is likely not above committing insurance fraud). This is the ONLY way to stop a doctor like him. No child should endure pain and suffering like that at the hands of a medical professional.

    • I loved your reply and agree wholeheartedly. I have no idea what to say so I’m just going to say that I agree with your post 100%.

  15. Gina Ornelas

    I am in tears reading this. I’m so sorry. I am a psychotherapist and I specialize in treating trauma. Although I only work with people 12 and up, I believe Bella would highly benefit from a kind of therapy I do called eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR). You can get a description at I can help you get her to someone in town who works with kids her age. You’re all in my prayers!

    • I am so sorry to hear this.
      PLEASE goggle Robert Smith Faster EFT or call Lura Owens at http://www.LivingAlot. They can get rid of the emotional trauma for all three if you. You will be amazed at the peace you will get from them!!
      Prayers coming your way.

      I agree with Gina about the EMRD. The Faster EFT would work for the parents also!

  16. I am an Insurance agent specializing in Health Insurance and have contacts with the Medical director at Kaiser. They need to know about this and not to refer. I know Kaiser and if told they would take action. You can call me at 559-261-1449

  17. Andrea Shabaglian

    I am so incredibly sorry; and in tears. I cannot imagine the emotional turmoil you are going through. But Bella is ABSOLUTELY in my prayers as well as you and your wife are. May God cover you as you find a resting place in Him.
    Every blessing from one trying parent to another.


    This is the link to the petition to have Dr Edward Dove’s license evoked! There are so many more stories like this, and it is time to put a stop to this Drs’ malpractice! Everyone needs to sign. Please share this link!

  19. Report him. Period. It’s what I had to do with another physician who caused me extreme physical pain during an examination. I have high pain tolerance and it was totally unneccessary. That a 4 year old should go through this is unforgivable. You’ll have to “start over” with her in going to any dentist. I avoided them for almost ten years because of a similar experience during a simple cleaning. Report them to the medical industry. No other child or person should go through that. Ever.

  20. Carri Butler

    I too had a horrible experience from a dentist as a child, i had 2 teeth removed without novacaine…the nurses told me to stop screaming, I saw them slap another child. I kept mute. My parents wouldn’t believe me, during that time adults believed other adults over children. May God bless you in your fight against this dentist. He needs his license revoked NOW before he hurts another child.

  21. Dawn Ghidelli

    If u havnt already call state board of dentistry phn#1-877-729-7789

    Edward Dove lic#51010
    If u go to California state board of dentistry website u can file a complaint on line & whatever actions r tkng against him will be posted for everyone 2c.

  22. I live in Utah and had a similar experience with a different dentist with my son. He turns 6 next month and still remembers everything and had to have work done to fix what the old dentist did!!! Please please ask around the community look into the dentists you take your children to!!! If they make you feel insignificant do not use them!! I’m sorry you had to go through this!!

  23. Literally heartbreaking. I am so sorry for the pain & trauma caused to poor Bella.. I will pray for her & your family. Thank you for sharing this with all of us as horrible as it may have been to actually write it. This Dr./Dentist (if we can call him that) needs to be stopped & I hope you have taken someone’s legal advice.

  24. PLEASE take your child to your medical doctor and have her checked. She should not still be lethargic. And it would be beneficial to have an official doctor’s report on the bruising, as well as how her mouth is looking. I too think you should take legal action. My heart hurts just thinking about this little one undergoing such trauma.

  25. I was sobbing as I read this…appalled by what this Dentist did! My heart is aching for Bella and her family. I will pray for her. Thank you for posting your story for all of us to be aware.

  26. I live in north Carolina and i am so saddened about this. I have left a message on their website stating how disgusted I was and that they should not be practicing medicine. I am so sorry that you had to go through this. My child has had to have extensive work as well and his experience with a peds dentist was really a pleasant one.

  27. You know, I’d be tempted to file some sort of report of assault with the police due to the bruising…

  28. That is awful. I am so sorry that you had this experience, and will be praying for you and sweet Bella. I used to work as a pediatric dental assistant, and nothing you described should EVER have happened. Everything about that experience is wrong. The dentist I worked for always welcomed parents to the back, explained everything, and if there was ANY indication that the child was uncomfortable, he would stop and ask if they were okay. At least once a day, we would dismiss a patient and tell the parents to bring them back another day – sometimes the child just isn’t going to be cooperative, and that’s okay. Usually, the child just needs to wait until they are a little older. If it’s a case where a lot of dental work needs to be done, he always gives the parents the option of having the work done as outpatient at the hospital. Please report this man. He does NOT need to be practicing, especially on children!

  29. Caralyn Blaker

    Report him to the police! Report him to the State. He should be in jail, along with all the dental worker that allow this to happen.

  30. fresnocouponinggirl

    I am physically sick. My daughter, Danae was referred to a similar practice and the feeling in the office was very similar.. We actually left the office with an uneasy feeling and now I am glad I did. She was refered for work again, and now I am not sure what to do. I never did like the thought of her drinking the medicine, and being taken from my arms in the waiting room (which is exactly what they told me they would do). After reading most of this I am eternally grateful that you shared your story. Prayin’ for Bella!

  31. Amanda Carrasco

    I also do not know you personally but I came across your story on Facebook. As an insuranca agent I strongly urge you to contact Kaiser and any specific doctor that referred you so they can take Dr. Dove off of their list and seek further action. I will keep your family in my prayers. Thank you for sharing your story and preventing this treatment for other children. God bless!

  32. Hi. I work in the dental field and you need to report this man to the California Dental Board. Call (877) 729-7789.

  33. My father is a local dentist in Fresno. He has 40 & 50 year old patients that come into his office and act like scared children when it comes to getting into the chair. He believes every single one of these patients are victims of horrific experiences as children.
    He ALWAYS recommends Dr. Rick Jelmini when it comes to pediatric dentistry. He is fabulous and his staff is just as great. It’s SO important that you allow her the chance to see another Dr. She will realize that there are wonderful dentists out there and there is nothing to be afraid of. It breaks my heart to hear of adults sobbing in the chair due to careless doctors of the past and you don’t want your precious little girl to be one of them.
    I truly feel for you and your family. I’m so sorry that this happened and I will be forwarding this to my dad ASAP!! It’s monsters like Dr. Dove that give dentists a bad name!

    • we love dr jelmini! he and his staff truly care about children. he was also my dentist when I was a child :9) I broke my front teeth when I was in 4th grade and had to go thru a lot of appts (root canals, bonding, etc) to get them fixed. I am not scared of dentists whatsoever so he must have been great to me as a child :0) my 5 and 7 year old have no hesitation when going to the dentist. my 7 year old had his front teeth damaged which later caused the to abscess so he had to have them removed. it is their practice not to have parents go back with them, so be prepared. It sounds weird but I figure if my kids are okay with it then I will be too.

  34. Jackie Givens

    So sorry Bella had to go through this. I had a similar experience with my little boy when he was 4. It is an awful feeling that you left your child and they are traumatized by these people and are trapped. I felt so much guilt after. It was difficult after for my son everytime we had to go to the dentist and I would pray he only needed a cleaning. He is 11 now and has recovered from his fear. Thankfully we were able to find an awesome dentist that he feels comfortable with. Your story reminded me of our own horrible experience and makes me want to go back to that dentist’s
    office and let him know how much he affected my little boy.

    I guess at the time we thought we did not have a choice. We did and I regret. Best of luck to your little girl. She will be okay. Just hang in there with her.

  35. I am so sorry for your family that you and Bella had to go through all that. I hope you are able to get some closure, and I agree with others that therapy may be a good idea to prevent this trauma from having even longer lasting negative effects. I hope you take some sort of formal action with the medical board or legal action. His procedures smack of trying to conceal bad practice.

    I have always loved my dentist (I think he’s a family dentist, not a pediatric dentist, so that may not work for you) and he treated my 5 sisters and me for as long as I can remember. I don’t recall ever having had a bad experience with him, even when having to get a filling, and he always made sure the anaesthesia was at a comfortable level. In fact, he’s my dentist to this day. He always remembers to ask about how my family is doing even though most of my family lives out of town now. His name is Dr. Don Christensen and their number is 559-431-5551. I bet they could refer you to someone good if his practice won’t fit your needs.

    Again, I’m so sorry for your experience, you are helping so many people by sharing your story. My thoughts and prayers are with your entire family, particularly little Bella.

  36. Michelle talley

    We almost had that happen!! Went there… He said no parents in the room for any procedures…. I had a bad feeling, cancelled, paid the cancellation fee, and never looked back! I am so sorry you went through that! 😦 I’m sure she won’t remember! We have a wonderful fetish Dr.Jeff Evans, he is amazing!!!!! So gentle and kind… His practice is so kid friendly!

  37. i am so sorry to hear of this terrible ordeal with your baby. he should not be allowed to practice any type of medicine. If you ever need a decent pediatric dentist, my 3 and 6 year old go to Dr. Rosaura Pacheco and she is excellent. My 6 year old had to have dental procedures similar to your daughters and she was positively amazing with him. She is caring and patient and kind. He even hugs her whenever he sees her. I will certainly pray for your Bella and you. You are an amazing mommy so do not beat your self up for this. You did the right thing by posting this and making other parents aware of this horrible man. God bless and comfort you.

  38. I was forwarded a link to your blog by a friend and will definitely be signing the petition against this “doctor.” I had a similar experience when I was younger. I had a very cold mean pediatric dentist he was harsh with me but, my poor little brother had an experience very close to that of what your daughter had. I still have trouble going to the dentist. And I am so afraid to take my girls.

  39. Pedodontists: Dr. Berryhill (Woman) Dr. Jelimini (MAN) Both highly recommended. Can call the Fresno/Madera Dental Society. Blessings to you.

  40. I am so sorry to here about this! i cannot believe he is still able to practice. you need to report him to the board.

    I am a dental assistant at Dr Rick Jelmini’s office he is amazing with children and me and the rest of our staff only want the children to have a good experience when seeing the dentist. and i can assure you nothing like this goes on in our office. We do also do oral sedation but it is a much smoother process than what ive read.

  41. I’m very upset after reading this, and my heart truly goes out to your daughter and family. I am a registered dental assistant at a pediatrics office, and it’s awful hearing the details, because I could only imagine… Our office is the complete opposite. We ENCOURAGE parents to be in the operatories for all treatment. And the childs trust in us, is solely what we rely on for cooperation to complete the work needed. Please check out our office. The website is Dr. Meekay is amazing

    ever gain that in another dentist. And also lots of”tell

  42. Michelle talley

    We almost had that happen!! Went there… He said no parents in the room for any procedures…. I had a bad feeling, cancelled, paid the cancellation fee, and never looked back! I am so sorry you went through that! 😦 I’m sure she won’t remember! We have a wonderful dentist Dr.Jeff Evans, he is amazing!!!!! So gentle and kind… His practice is so kid friendly!

    • Does Dr Evans allow parents in the back area and when any procedure is going to be done?

      • He does! California Kidds Denistry at cedar and alluvial. My daughter is very afraid of stuff like that, and she does great there! 439-5300

  43. i would sue the pants off him for mail practice and for mentaly damiging and tromatizing your dauter. that was not right or nesasery.

  44. Rachel Escobar

    As someone who worked in the dental field, as a dental assistant, with a Dr who practiced in Fresno & did oral conscious sedation, there is absolutely no reason this should have ever happened… So many things wrong here… No reason parents can’t be in the room if child isn’t having “oral surgery”, there should be an assistant whose sole responsibility is comforting, watching, reading your child to make the dentist aware of any fear or discomfort (as the dr. is often focused only in the mouth), and treatment should always be stopped if/when there is any problem. I really think you should contact an attorney, this man should not be allowed to continue to practice

  45. my heart breaks for what you guys and poor bella went through! Can you file a police report as this seems to boreder on abuse, especially since there were visible signs of restraint on her. I am so sorry for this, but thank you for sharing so that hopefully others can avoid this man and his horrible practice.

  46. Raquel martinez

    The same thing happened to my daughter and I feel the same way. I was extremely upset and told him so. He told me he should have sedated me. When I tried to take action I hit a dead end everytime. I felt and still feel so helpless and it brought tears to my eyes reading this. I wish there were something more we could do and I dint understand how he gets away with this.

  47. Michael Hamblin

    This is absolutely horrible! I’m sorry you went through this and it pains me to read this. I feel like I have to comment.

    Don’t beat yourself up over this. It was a bad mistake, and you aren’t going to make it twice! But for your sake and other readers, there were definite warning signs to watch for in the future. Never go to a doctor who is arrogant, cocky, and who will not listen and respond patiently and compassionately to concerns right from the beginning. Fire him, even if the reviews say he is the best in town. I wouldn’t trust my dog to a vet that behaved this way, or my car to a mechanic like this. If you feel like you are being manipulated by guilt, you probably are! Don’t give in – just say no. If you have a queasy feeling something isn’t right, don’t do it. Always get a second opinion if a doctor wants to do major work. An orthodontist wanted to do jaw surgery on me when I was in high school; we got a second opinion and had a much less expensive, and much less invasive procedure done.

    To encourage you, children are very resilient. I’m sure people are praying for your daughter. She will have some trauma, like nightmares and so forth. Yes, it is terrible, but children suffer from trauma like serious traffic accidents and other unfortunate events too. As long as she is loved and she knows it, and knows she can talk with you, I am sure over time she will return to her normal happy healthy self.

    I have a two year boy who is very happy, but we did have to take him for surgery at 7 months. We had an excellent doctor, that we did research on in advance. He was very patient and answered all our questions. We had a lot of confidence in him and his staff. The surgery went quickly and smoothly with no complications. But even at 7 months it was clearly hard for the little guy. He was fully sedated but was terrified by the experience (and VERY clingy) for a couple of weeks. Two months later, he still recognized the doctor and was clearly afraid (mommy talked to him and he responded as if to say well I don’t like it but if you say it’s ok I’ll tolerate it). But he did bounce back to his normal happy self. In the grand scheme of things it was just a little road bump.

  48. Corrine Abel-Rocco

    I read your blog. POWER COMES FROM KNOWLEDGE. THANK YOU! I STOPPED TO PRAY AND LIFT YOUR BABY UP IN GOOD FAITH THAT GOD WILL BE THE ONE WHO DEFINES HER.That this would not resonate in her heart and mind. We all make mistakes as patents… If only I had the time to list all my faults this week. We can all learn from each other. THANK YOU!

  49. If you are looking for an AMAZING pediatric dentist in Fresno, look no further:

    Dr. Andrea Berryhill has a gift with treating children and creates a warm, nurturing environment for her patients. She regularly sees children who have been traumatized from visits to other dentists and helps them become comfortable once again. Mothers – send your children to a mother, and they will be in loving hands!!

    • Dr. Berryhill was my dentist as a child, wish I could still go to her! It was always a treat to go to te dentist. She had video games to play, moviesto wacth and the best gifts to pick when ur all done. I’m 28 now yet I can still remember the comfort of looking into her big, beautiful, blue eyes while she was working on me. Great enviornment! My daughter is only 6mths but when she is old enough we will definately be seeing Dr. Berryhill

  50. When I was a Kindergartner my mother took me to a similar place. They strapped me down for a filling. Being 4yrs old, terrified, and mom nowhere to be seen I started screaming bloody murder. Thankfully, my mother was in the waiting room and came running. She took me out of there before they could lay another hand on me. I’m now 28yrs old snd still have a fear of dentists.

  51. Thank you for sharing this terrible experience with us. Please know the wonderful service you’ve provided.
    My thoughts raced back to a childhood dental visit when I was six or seven. Small town, two dentists. and Mom worked around the corner. So I was the designated “guy in charge” to take my little brother to our appointments. Wewere in adjoining exam rooms. They prepped him first, then me, then started working on bro. Soon after, it started…his pleading screams haunt me to this day. I was so scared that I wouldn’t tell the nurse the reason I was there, and just got a cleaning.
    This was about 1966 and I was afraid to “tell on” the dentist, as he was an adult and also our neighbor across the street. But I never wanted to see that man again. I was elated when my mother actually listened about how traumatic the experience was for bro. I told her that I lied so he wouldn’t hurt me. I have no idea what she did to check on my story, but our next dental visit was with the other dentist in town. (Who also lived across the street, next to the first guy.)

    Please listen to what children say. They listen to you.
    Blessings to your family.

  52. First and foremost I would like to say I feel for your daughter and I’m so sorry that this happened to this little angel. I have to wonder why you are not pressing charges against this man? I know if it was my child I wouldn’t hesitate. It’s good to spread awareness about this behavior but that’s not going to completely put a hault to it.

    • My son was actually hit in his face & forehead. We went to the Police & they wouldn’t even take our claim. Many of us Parents have complaints in to the Dental Boars, mine for over a year. We have even spoken to Lawyers, but there is no money in it for them.

      It is disgusting and heart wrenching that this man can still practice!

  53. Firstly, can I ask why your daughter needs so much dental work? Does she have dexterity problems? Being in the dental field myself I am curious as to why so many otherwise healthy children need RCT/crowns and extractions.

    Secondly, although the dentist was clearly lacking in communication skills and contributed to a dreadful experience, it is far more likely that the sedation *did* work as you said that she had become drowsy and loopy like the dentist said she would. It is often the case that various forms of sedation can make children disorientated and adversely reactive, but dependant on the work, once it begins the dentist cannot just stop as he risks compromising her health further. Having said that, this would only apply to the tooth he was working on in the first instance, and it would be unethical to continue treatment on a child who was obviously distressed to such an extent.
    Many people opt for GA with this kind of work for these reasons. It is very unfortunate that your daughter ended up so upset and I agree that work should have been stopped if she was clearly so distressed. This dentist has now undermined her confidence in future dental treatment, which it sounds like she is going to need if she has such extensive decay.
    Perhaps in future you could consider requesting GA to help Bella undertake treatment, and most importantly, review her oral health regime as prevention is *always* better than cure. Children under 7 years of age should not brush their teeth without supervision.

  54. This is so horribly sad! I’m barely able to see through my tears to type this. I am and will continue to pray for your little Bella. I am so sorry that happened to her, it makes me sick to my stomach. This man needs to be severely punished. I am aware that it won’t undo what was done, but he better not get away with this. HOW DARE THAT MAN DO THAT TO YOUR CHILD. Under NO circumstances is that okay. I am so, so sorry for your family and I will pass this story on so others won’t have to experience such horror. I, as a parent, really appreciate you sharing your story as to make others aware of this, so Thank you.

  55. Luiciana Balli

    I am so sorry that your daughter endured such pain, this is so horrible! I would call the news and have them air your story! This has got to be the worst situation i have ever heard! So sorry for your little one and your family, my thoughts and prayers are with all of you. I signed petition and would also pray this SOB, (sorry but fill warranted ) is placed behind bars! Takevcare and God Bless always

  56. That doctor has no business having a dental practice. He belongs in jail! I say sue the pants off him and get his license revoked. Name the nurses and staff in the lawsuit, too.

  57. Wow I an in utter shock of what I just read! This is sad and should not be happening!! Have you talked to the people of kaiser with your story so that they know to not recommend such a piece of shit dentist? They need to know what is going on so that other innocent kids don’t go through the torture your daughter has gone through! Prayers for her as well as your family that this traumatic incident can be a thing of the past but a solution to others in the future! Thank you for sharing your story!!

  58. I think there needs to be a better awareness of how pediatric dentistry is done. As adults we hate the dentist, children should not be traumatized like this if we want them to continue to get dental care throughout life. Something needs to be done.

  59. What an awful experience… My prayers are with your family. Bless little Bella, I pray for a swift and gentle.recovery.

    I would report “Dr.” Dove to whomever it took, to make sure that he wasn’t going to continue practice!!

    – Amy

  60. Rebecca Sein

    This is horrendous.As a small child in the 60’s, our pediatric dentist,Dr.Frasier,did extensive work on myself.No sedation, no numbing, nothing but quiet surrounding soft music or children’s movie sound tracs playing through head phones.
    He was a gentle as a lamb and we trusted him and loved him very much.He set the stage for me to have good dental experiences the rest of my life.
    I believe he was gifted and loved children.
    This man seems to be a child hater and what happened sounds like child torture to me.
    I believe the police should also be involved.

  61. As a 20+ yr experienced dental professional, this really saddens me. NO patient, regardless of their age, should ever be tormented! If this was my child, I wouldnt have allowed the screaming to have gone on as long as it had. No one would have been able to keep me from going to her. This all could have been stopped a lot sooner. Parents you do have control! You have the right to take the child from the treatment room! Just because he/she is a dentist doesnt take that right from you. So sorry she had to go through this and hope it doesnt happen to any more children. As for the bruising…Oh HELL NO! Dont stop until this man no longer practices!

  62. Please please please file reports. Many people use the Internet to do their due diligence on doctors, and proper reviews WILL deter people from using him again! is a perfect example.

  63. I’m sorry about Bella…but why the hell did you leave your child when she was screaming? You heard signs that she was unsafe, and you left her.

    • Hi Jean,
      I hesitated to even post this event in the first place because I honestly felt like a failure of a father — at least in this moment. You are right, and I regret not doing SOMETHING. I’m not sure you read my post adequately, however — I did NOT “leave her screaming.” She was ok when I left the room, but began screaming when I was in the waiting room when they started the work. Could I have actually demanded they stop in the middle of their work? The whole problem is that he should have never started — and as a PROFESSIONAL, he should know better. And you are completely overlooking the fact that this man considers himself a professional pediatric dentist. I AM NOT. At some point you put your faith in a dentist, doctor, car mechanic, or whatever and trust that they are the professional. He took that trust and completely violated it. And the fact that he is continuing practicing drives me to help other parents to be aware of the situation.
      I love my daughter beyond anything you could imagine… but thank you for feeling the need to try to kick a regretful father while he’s down.
      — Brian

    • Wow gotta say I’m a little confused?? I can see your down but geesh that story just makes me want to kick down the door and take my child then kick this guy’s rear end!! If your not taking action then why torture us with this post? You could here your child screeming OUTSIDE…. REALLY??? common……!st of all if a doctor put his hand on me I’d remove it quickly then take my child and go….. Sorry I’m confused…. And I am very very upset if all this is true and trust me I will check this out further!!

    • Jean… to go on the attack is certainly not going to help the situation. People that have had a traumatic experience certainly do not need to hear negative feedback on how things came to be. Brian did everything he thought was correct and relied on a doctor that should have only the health and safety of children on his mind. By Brian telling the story of what has happened to his daughter makes others aware. If he would have kept it to himself nobody would become aware. Rather than trying to put him down or make him feel bad how about some inspiration. Brian and his family have become a part now of a larger story of assault by Dove. Join us and stand together….

  64. Rachelle Aguiar Barrett

    Gia and Brian,
    We saw a link to your blog here from Katie Pope’s status update. I realize this is a blast from the past, but I want you to know that Blake and I are so upset this has happened to your daughter. We are signing the petition and sharing it, and this blog post, with everyone, in the hope of preventing further harm.

  65. A friend told us about your post, and as a new parents ourselves, my husband and I are so so sorry for your family and our prayers are with Bella. I completely understand the conflict between “trusting the expert” v. a personal feeling that “something isn’t right.” I went through that myself with the OB doctor & delivery of my baby, and it was very upsetting. THANK YOU, THANK YOU for this post. You could’ve easily moved on, but you’ve taken the time to share to help families like us.

  66. Denise Camara

    Brian, I’m so sorry for Gia, you and your family. This was just so heartbreaking. I will keep you all in my prayers as well as pray that Dr. Dove gets what’s coming to him. You did the right thing posting about your experience. I’m sure you’ve protected many children, and I know you have made sure I don’t take my babies in to that sadist. Again, I am truly sorry

  67. I can’t believe you sat there and just listened to your child scream for half an hour and didn’t take any action. You will regret that for the rest of your life. Then your daughter comes out of the office covered in urine and sweat and you still do nothing. What kind of parent are you. It is your job to protect them.

    • I signed the petition to revoke this dentist license. I’m sorry for the pain and suffering that your daughter went through. This story really pisses me off

  68. I’m sorry to hear this. If you are not already familiar, perhaps you will look into Somatic Experiencing. If she is still traumatized by the experience it is important to find a way to help her body and mind process and release the experience so she doesn’t carry the trauma through the rest of her life. I wish you and your family the best.

  69. I’m so sorry another innocent child had to go through this. My daughter fell into the same monster’s hands here in chatsworth. I have filed a complaint with the dental board, protested in front of his office with others and spread the word add much as possible. The only comfort is that I have preventedsome parents from taking their kids him. Keep fighting against what happened to your daughter, stay strong & don’t quit because unfortunately he won’t 😦

  70. A Day in the Life of Craziness

    I am terrified by your post, for a few reasons. One, no doctor should operate his pediactric office in this manner. It disgusts me. Two, mothers need to be confident in what they think is best for their children. You should not have let them take your daughter and when you heard her screams, you should have busted down the door and taken her away. Not leave her there and walk outside. There are bad people in the world. I don’t know this doctor personally, nor am I saying that anything of the sort happened in his office. But children can be sexually molested even by their doctors. Not to mention the emotional trauma that this child will have knowing that no one was there to save her. What’s done is done, but please, don’t ever think that you can’t tell someone to get away from your child, even if it is a doctor.

    Give her lots of hugs and kisses. And listen to that voice inside of you. If you are cringing, then there’s something wrong.

  71. Sounds demented

  72. I am so incredibly sorry that your daugher went through something like this. I am a total wimp when it comes to dental work because when I was a teenager I didn’t take very good care of my teeth and so my gums were super sensitive when I went in for cleanings and my dentist didn’t do anything to try to be gentle, just told me that if I didn’t want it to hurt I should take better care of my teeth. My dentist now is one who does both adults and children and if I so much as flinch they stop and ask if I’m ok or if I need to take a break.

    Granted, to some extent there are things about going to the dentist that are going to be marginally painfull and there’s only so much they can do about it(novocaine shots come to mind, they try to topically numb it, but it only helps so much), but what your daughter went through is absolutely absurd. I second the person earlier who suggested taking her to her regular physician to have her checked out. I would also ask Kaiser to refer you to a new dentist to get an evaluation on the work that was done and make sure it at least got done correctly and that no damage was caused(I know that won’t be bella’s favorite idea in the world ). You may also want to ask for a referral for a therapist to evaluate the possibility of emotional/phyciatric trama. You ABSOLUTELY have a civil malpractice case against this dentist and I sincerely hope you evaluate that option, and all of these evaluations will be useful for that. You will also most likely be able to find an attorney who will either take your case pro-bono(free) or who will take a portion of any settlement instead of up front payments.

    Also, thank you for sharing this story. My daughter is 9 months old, so we haven’t been to the dentist yet, but now I can be forewarned and will not allow her to go in for any procedure without me present unless it is medically necessary for a surgery or some such.

    All the best, and I hope you will let us all know what, if any, action you decide to take and how it turns out.

  73. Let’s get that dentist and tie him down and start drilling on him without painkiller! That just makes me sick! Poor little Bella. I pray that she will get through this. That man should be arrested. Please God do something so no other kids suffer like this little girl did! It breaks my heart.

  74. Such a sad story.
    We had a similar experience with our daughter. She had been complaining about a tooth ache so had her seen and was told her tooth needed to be extracted. Terrified by that thought, I had my daughter checked by 3 different pediatric dentists. All three had the same opinion so I went ahead with the procedure. The dentist we decided to let do the work on her first tried to use ‘laughing gas’ on her but she still wasnt cooperating so we went back the next day for another appointment in which she would be sedated. I was able to stay with her in the exam room until they had her strapped in the chair. As awful as it looked, I felt they must know what they were doing and trusted they would make sure she was out of it enough until they started working on her so I left the room when they asked me to. I have to say I heard her crying and screaming as well but I didnt feel like there was anything I could do. I finally saw the Dr leaving the room so I just let myself back there. She was still upset & crying but at least it was over.
    I wasnt at all happy with the staff and my daughters experience.
    So I share similar feelings with you and Im sorry to hear this horrible story. We’re originally from Fresno but live near San Diego now. I really would have liked to go our Pediatric Dentist there in Fresno but thought we would be able to find a sufficient one here but we were wrong.
    His name is Dr Thomas Larson. We LOVE him! He always allowed us to go back to the exam rooms with our daughters from begining to end. His work was amazingly quick and unexcessive.
    I hope you find a Pediatric Dentist your family is happy with

  75. I saw a link to your blog post on Joe White’s facebook page and want you to know how horrified I am that this happened to your daughter. We are from CA and have many friends there so I shared it on my FB wall.
    I would encourage you to speak with an attorney and/or contact the authorities. It sounds like you have enough evidence to have him arrested or atleast further investigated on child abuse charges. Please know that this story is reaching far across the country and you and Bella are in our prayers.

  76. Brian, words aren’t enough to say how sad, angry and sorry I am that this happened to Bella, you and Gia. I signed the petition and I encourage you to consider involving the press. Definitely report the guy and his staff and consult someone in the legal field. You’re a good dad brian! Hang in there. We’re praying for you and Bella.

  77. This posting is a good idea to spread the word on this man; however, I sincerely hope that a formal complaint with licensing board has been filed to make sure he is held accountable and ultimately stopped. Unfortunalry, while you might not have a case for medical malpratice (malpractice requires a person sustain injury from the work itself) there might be some criminal actions here. At least consulting an attorney is definitely worth your time.
    From your story, it also sounds very suspicious that your so very young child really needed that much work done. I am of the mind that this man is also recommending work that is noy really needed to inflate his bill. Finding a good dentist is just as hard as trying to find an honest mechanic but oh so much more important. If what you say is true about this man, I pray that he will be stopped and held accountable for his horrific actions and that your little girl not be permanently scarred by this.

  78. I did some searching, sadly your baby is not the first, nor the last! Don’t let your voice be silenced! I NEVER got dental work done during my time at Edwards because I couldn’t find an provider I felt comfortable with.

  79. Bella is in my thoughts and prayers. I am so sorry this happened to her. No child should be made to suffer such pain and fear. Let’s hope this never happens to any child again.

  80. Please report this to your daughters primary care physician! Also to Kaiser Member Services, and Administration. This is intolerable!

  81. I am so sorry for this experience. Being an Rda and having worked in 2 pediatric offices I am do disgusted that not only a doctor or an assistant would let that happen! You are so very smart to spread the word.

  82. Wow, I actually saw their commercial recently and for a second thought about when I wuz looking for my son. We live in Merced and his dad lived in Fresno and carries his insurance. At the time Merced had no pediatric dentists and my son needed a lot of work. I took him to. Dr Park who is okay. I dealt with him because we had no other options. Definitely not as rough of an experience as you but I completely understand her fear. If you don’t mind the drive we now have a wonderful place in Merced at first step dental totally a kids atmosphere but they are very gentle and caring people.

  83. This horrifies me to think that anyone would traumatize a child like this especially someone that is suppose to do no harm and take care of problems. I don’t know how you showed restraint – My daughter is 4 also – her dental appointments have gone well – she is so happy and proud afterwards – even though this time just for check up and because she is 4 they just take her back there – but it is open office, not a little room with several particians down the row and between chairs for some privacy. The extremely nice assistant assured me she would watch over her, and I would have heard her if she screamed. I am so angry and sad for your daughter – will definitely pray for her. I know most attorneys do nothing if they cannot make a buck – however I teach folks about how to have access and their rights protected, including getting your will, etc…. done and your provider law firm would advise of all options – trust me there are options, and at the very least write a letter on your behalf through your membership of less than $20 a month for your entire family – you can check it out at: also feel free to call if you have any questions – I love empowering folks – there is so many scams, folks being taken advantage of, and this guy needs to lose his license!!! Bless your family!

  84. I checked on the dental board and he doesn’t even have a license for Fresno county but does have one for Kern county and it’s sad that people don’t know that you can make complaints there. That is the place they can review all complaints and revoke his license!

    • Dove actually has dozens of complaints. It is the Dental Board which is not posting his charges or notifying the public as they are supposed to. It seems to be a very corrupt agency as well as field of practice. It is way too hard just to find a good dentist at anytime.

  85. anyone have any updates on this? I’m curious to know if any action has taken place?

  86. Oh boy. This video link from youtube has him claiming he wants to install video cameras in the rooms. If this is true, and you choose to pursue assault charges or civil legal action, the footage may be very interesting! Good luck, and may your sweet child be resilient!

  87. I’m so sorry for your experience! My daughter had a “baby root canal” when she was about 2 1/2 years old. We did the same procedure, but our dentist allowed me to be in the room with her. Her mouth was cranked open with an appliance the whole time that she screamed and the only thing that she could move were her toes. I just rubbed her legs and feet and cried right along with her the whole time! Her Dr. said that she tolerated the meds a little more than normal. She wasn’t even supposed to be able to lift her head up all the way, or walk, but she did. They were afraid of over-dosing her, so those are all the meds she received. After everything was over, she did not remember any of it, but after reading your story, I wonder if she was in pain…I always thought she cried because she was strapped down. I would suggest to everyone to NEVER allow this procedure. Only have that kind of dental work under GENERAL ANESTHESIA! I’ve learned my lesson the hard way….hopefully your story will teach many others.

  88. i feel horrible for you

    Call child protective services and report him.

    Report him to the dental board as well

  89. I’m in Georgia and heard about this dentist through a post of someone in Washington. I literally started crying when I read about what all these children have gone through. My heart goes out to the kids and the parents. While I am not a patient of Dr. Dove’s (due to my location, obviously) I will get this word out to my friends here in Georgia as well to sign the petition we found that Mr. Cook had created. I am a mother of 4 year old twins and I couldn’t imagine something like this happening to them. I am praying for Bella and the family as well as the other families that suffer because of this monster. If I can be of any help, please let me know.

  90. Jayma Hollister

    Your family is in my prayers daily, and i have passed the blog on to every website that Edwards AFB parents will see because we all take our kids to Lancaster for dental. I have had 3 messages saying people have canceled their appointments and referrals with him, and sooo many more passing along thanks and well wishes to you and your family for sharing your story and making people aware. I am so very greatful for you guys and I cant say enough how sorry I am that you guys had to go through this. If there is ANYTHING i can do to help the fight against him here in Lancaster, PLEASE let me know. My number is 209-769-4701. Best wishes.

  91. My son also had a traumatizing experience with Dr.Dove . I’m completely appalled that he is stil practicing. Im open to any kind of efforts in stopping this man from hurting other children so please feel free in contacting me.

  92. This person sounds like a sadist. He should immediately be removed from a position of professional authority. Also, perhaps you should gather together his victims together press for a class law suit. I think it is terrible what happened to Bella. Love to her, and you.

  93. OMG Thanks for sharing this, We are praying and will continue to pray for her.

  94. Somehow this link showed up on my fb…and I can’t help to throw out my opinion. I’m so sorry this happened as a mother I’m horrified at this. If she still has bruises I would photograph them and make a police report. Normal dental procedures do not cause bruises…to me this is a criminal act against a child. Good luck…

  95. Thank you so much Brian for sharing this incident with so many people you have connected with through this blog. With your share you have connected with so many families. You have accomplished a lot in a very short amount of time. The next time any of your fellow bloggers and followers here step into a dentist they will be very watchful and that is a good thing. Dove is not the only one sadly practicing this way. Knowledge and spreading the word is key. With this strong group of people you have here as well as mine that was started on facebook we can be an unstoppable force. Not in a violent way but in a informational way to help others not end up in the same situation as you, I and so many others. What Dove did to our children is unacceptable and he should have some sort of answering to do. I also believe he should be relieved of all rights to practice any more. Please help me in getting this to every corner in every state in every city.
    We have just finished filming with Inside edition Investigation/ CBS and it will be airing here locally in Bakersfield on KBAK channel 29 @ 130am. It will cover some of the families here in California that Dove has effected. Please help me help you by sharing link to my facebook group where they can find so many other families that have decided to speak up about there children’s incidents. Thank you so much Brian!

  96. Thank you for posting your experience. After reading this I don’t think I will be taking kids back to the doctor dove office.

  97. I truly feel ur pain, frustration and guilt. My advice to all parents… Never leave ur kid alone, if a doctor wants u out start wondering! They can and should akways allow u in ,and let u watch , although discretely so ur child behavior won’t change. Your daughter needs to be worked on under general anesthesia . Oral sedation only works 15% of the time. I hope u and little Bella feel better soon .

  98. Yea so we took my son to see dr dove..the paper they give you before you go in for the actual appointment clearly states that PARENTS ARENT ALLOWED TO GO BACK INTO THE ROOMS..I expressed my concern about that and he said there are cameras all over the place. I’m not sure why you weren’t informed that the sedation wouldn’t completely knock her out..idk why you’d want that son had the nasal kicked in pretty fast and I dont kno about a burley nurse “ripping” him outta my hands but she took him (like we knew was gonna happen) and they were off. He was looking at us but not crying..I did hear him crying a few times..and made sure he was ok with the nurses..and also dr dove came out to tell me they were finishing up. When my son came out he was sweaty (duh he had been crying!!) and a little out of it. He had no bruises or anything suspicious..and if your daughter did maybe you should have went to them and checked the cameras..not just shrugged it off of it bothered you that much! I’m confused as to why your slandering dr doves name?

  99. Complete details were given during the consultation! Details that explain the parents cannot occupy the room with their child. Before you made the choice to let your daughter get services done here you knew exactly what would be done such as sedation and physical restraint. Of course any child will scream. They’re strapped to a chair with a stranger doing strange things to their mouth! Everything you just complained about are typical complaints given by parents when their child has such extensive work done. Screaming, Wet shirt from saliva not sweat, drowsiness from the sedation medication. My son had services done her for a cavity. I can understand how you feel upset but you needed to realize this was your fault for neglecting your daughters health. Don’t blame this on the doctor. If I were the doctor I would get you for slander. This could have been avoided if you would make better choices as a parent when it comes to your Childs health.

  100. A nasal option? Awesome. We weren’t informed. I thought “everything was explained” beforehand.
    They scream in Santa’s lap? Sure. And while they are screaming, do you strap them down to Santa’s lap for 35-40 minutes?

    Christa, you are right, we need to take better care of my daughters teeth. We brushed her twice a day, but didn’t floss (which seems to be the most important thing). We certainly made a mistake and learned from it.

    • I’m sure you can comprehend my attempt to help you realize screaming and dental offices come hand in hand!

      • Mario and Christa are clearly not very well educated/informed when it comes to dental treatment, particularly that of children. Screaming is not normal, nor is excessive saliva, nor is excessive bleeding, nor is bruising of any kind. If you are in the habit of exposing your child to this type of environment, be prepared for them to have a lifelong fear of the dentist. I see it everyday – I once worked on a 40 year old woman who had not been to the dentist since she was 10 because it had always been such an unpleasant experience for her. The only thing more unpleasant than hearing about her childhood trauma was having to inform her that her remaining teeth were dead/dying and she would need full upper and lower dentures.

        It is crucial for parents to play an active role in the oral hygiene of their children, but it is equally important for children to have repeated positive experiences with a dentist they trust.

      • Ok we’re talking extensive work here not only that were talking a child being out of the realm of a normal day! So are you telling me every dentist I have been to is wrong? because each time I have gone there has been a screaming kid! Screaming out of fear rather then pain! I drool a lot when I go to the dentist!

      • Drooling and screaming is normal! If you can’t admit to that then you my friend are poorly educated when it comes to dental common sense! Bruising on the other hand is never normal but let’s remember the kids are strapped down, this itself can cause bruising. In a perfect world every dental trip would be pleasant. My sons first few dental appointments were fun for him. He referred to the chair as a rocket ship! but the day he had a filling he absolutely cried and drooled. He was afraid and that was my fault not the doctors. Doctor Dove helped us and did an amazing job.

  101. Before you report Dr. Dove to the Department of Health, you should consider reporting yourself to Child Protective Services. Do you know by definition, caries is a preventable disease? What about the definition of “conscious sedation”? Hint: look up the word conscious.
    You are upset because your child wasn’t “fully sedated”? Do you even know what that means? Maybe Dr. Dove should have been more clear to you about what to expect during the “conscious sedation” procedure. But, maybe you should have researched this a bit more yourself. Just because a child cries doesn’t mean the sedation was unsuccessful. If you wanted your child completely asleep you should have considered general anesthesia-which would have costed more than you could probably afford and would be a lot riskier for your child. The risks for general anesthesia include respiratory failure and death-so your outcome of tears, sweating, bruising and urination don’t seem too bad considering the alternative. Did you expect your child not to cry at all and love the treatment? Do you like going to the dentist for fillings and extractions? I’m guessing no and that you, yourself on occasion, have gotten teary eyed. But your child should love going through that type of treatment?
    Your expectations were completely unreasonable. It seems like you feel guilty because of your neglect and want someone to blame and pointing the finger at yourself is not something you are willing to do. Just as a question, was this state funded treatment-aka medicaid? If so, Dr. Dove probably paid for your child’s treatment himself via his taxes.
    Again, he should have been clear and addressed your expectations. And you shouldn’t have expected health care professionals to be magicians. He treated your child with what you presented him with-he didn’t make those holes in your child’s teeth.
    And, before you start-no I don’t know him personally, I don’t work for him, I don’t have a child being treated by him, I’m not being paid by him for PR and I’m not Dr. Dove.

    • Hi Caroline,
      Thanks for reading and posting. It seems you should go back and re-read my post. I never expected my daughter to be “fully sedated.” I said she was not “properly sedated.” Again, we went through this process before at USC school of dentistry — I can’t speak highly enough of them. My child did not scream, did not cry, and was not covered in sweat and urine afterward — because she was properly cared for and properly sedated. USC would not have done anything if she was not.
      Also, your comment about “medi-caid” is entirely classist. It intimates that poor people don’t deserve good medical treatment because they can’t pay for it. If you are someone who can afford to pay for your own insurance, I’m happy for you, but in no way are you inherently more important or better than someone who can’t.
      Lastly, I’m more than willing to point the finger at myself. I completely failed my child in this instance — in caring for her teeth properly and taking her to this quack dentist.

      • As I “re-read” this I believe you were upset that she was “awake” and “remembered the treatment” and if USC treated her soooo well why didn’t you just take her back there! It really irks me that people would go as far as to harass the man and stand outside his office yelling!! I COMPLETLEY agree with Caroline!!!

  102. Hi Brian,
    Thanks for responding. I’m glad that you understand that caring for your child’s teeth is solely your responsibility and that a healthcare professional can only treat what is presented which includes your child behavior.
    Like I said, I still don’t think you quite understand what “properly sedated” means and it wasn’t made clear to you by your doctor.
    You don’t make it clear what kind of sedation or treatment was received at USC (where if I’m correct, your child was treated by a resident). Maybe the treatment at USC wasn’t as invasive and your child reacted better. Maybe the treatment at Dr. Dove’s office was more invasive. To have Dr. Dove stop in the middle of the treatment because the child was moving around and crying was also not a possibility because of the possible infection of an incompletely restored tooth. I’m sure he would have preferred a quiet, non moving child but did what he had to to complete the treatment. I’m surprised at the number of posts that suggest that is something he does ALL the time willingly, like he prefers to work on moving targets.
    The policy of no parent in the room for sedations is standard. Why? Because if for some extremely unfortunate reason something goes wrong during sedation, for example: respiratory distress, obstruction-the dentist and his team need to be able to move and around and take care of the child. NOT take care of an additional parent who by that point will be hysterical and do nothing but get in the way. Same procedure holds true for treatment carried out under general anesthesia and some treatment in the emergency rooms.
    Whether USC let you in with your child, I don’t know. Per sedation protocols they shouldn’t have, especially with a resident doing the treatment. Then again I’m not sure what kind of sedation it was.
    And neither do other readers of the posts. All they have is “here it went great and here this guy is a monster” and based on that the number of times I’ve read “you should sue him” tells me this population is highly emotionally led. Soon, in this society there won’t be any practioners to “sue”
    Did you know that this dentist didn’t allow parents in the back for any kind of treatment -sedation or not? If NOT, you shouldn’t have treatment done there if you weren’t comfortable. Does he have something to hide by not allowing you back there? I don’t know.

    • Caroline,
      I understand exactly what properly sedated means — because she was properly sedated at USC (where there was no crying, screaming, heart pumping, sweating, urinating, etc). I’ve confirmed this with several other dentists — while the dentist surely cannot be in charge of how my daughter responds, he can take every measure possible to try to calm her and this begins from the moment we walk in the door (again, not blasting loud music with BRIGHT lights should be pediatric dentistry 101). And if she is NOT properly sedated, he should not do work. This man is a horrible pediatric dentist, plain and simple. Let me give you an example of how USC treated us. There were toys in the waiting room. There was a dimly lit room playing movies for children while the medicine did it’s job. When they called us into the room, I was allowed to take her back (and I knew I wasn’t allowed to stay — I knew I wasn’t allowed to stay at dr. dove’s place either), Bella was fighting being put in the char — the dentists said, “no problem, take her back and let the medicine continue to work.” We did that for 15 minutes, took her back to the chair and she was FULLY cooperative. Properly caring for a child and properly sedating them is crucial — and if those two things are not done, the “professional dentist” should know better. Dr. Dove operates under an antiquated school of dentistry that “get’s work done at ANY cost,” and I believe that method is causing unnecessary trauma to children. He doesn’t care for children, and it blows my mind that he’s a pediatric dentist.

  103. Brian,
    We could go back and forth on this all day long. I’m trying to look at the other side without getting emotions involved. Why did you not go back to USC ? Could there be a chance that after her treatment from USC she was “traumatized” (whether she displayed it or not day of treatment) and her reaction would have been the same regardless to any dentist she went. Studies have shown time and time again that a child’s behavior deteriorates after the initial restorative appointment, whether the first appointment was considered successful or not. Why? Because a child accepted the treatment the first time around and anticipates what’s going to happen the second time around.
    Is USC located in a hospital setting or close to a hospital setting? Can they sedate to such a level that if something should go wrong they can call a code blue and help will be immediately there whereas a private practioner can only sedate mildly because his follow up to an adverse reaction would involve the calling of an ambulance.
    I’m STILL really curious as to the work done at USC and at Dr. Dove’s office? How similar was the treatment? If there were so many crowns and root canals involved why wasn’t treatment carried out under general anesthesia?
    I brought up medicaid before because often times when no financial commitment is involved from the parents, not enough research is done. The first office is picked and not enough questions are asked until after the treatment is done. How is it that “so much unnecessary work” is done (also, a statement being made without having the professional background to make such a statement). Paying a deductible or out of pocket cost-ensures more questions. Wouldn’t you want a second of opinion if one day your child is okay and the next day has a “ton” of work that needs to be done. Second opinions and “shopping around’ are done for all sorts of things-buying cars, hiring an electrician but some how get overlooked for medical treatment. Isn’t that a bigger issue?
    Last thing, caries happen and are on the rise. Are they preventable? Absolutely. Are we all guilty of some sort of dental neglect? Without a doubt. Should reasonable expectations be expected when children are getting any sort of medical treatment done?. YES. Expecting a child a to go through something which will most definitely be painful (administrating anesthesia and the demise of behavior afterwards) without any sort of discomfort is unreasonable. Maybe Dr. Dove could have stopped, maybe he couldn’t have. You are not an expert to make that call. Let him be judged by his peers, not the rants of people who weren’t there and don’t know anything about pediatric dentistry.

    • We won’t “go back and forth all day” because this is my last response to you. Your opinion is valid but clearly in the VAST minority.

      I didn’t go back to USC because it’s a 4 1/2 hour drive from where we now live.

      The procedure was the same at Dr. Dove and at USC. Not sure how many times I have to say it.

      General anesthesia didn’t happen because it wasn’t recommended by the “expert.”

      “Let him be judged by his peers.” I have, and the results are not looking good. Dentists I’ve talked to were fairly outraged as well.

      You again talk about medicaid. Actually, if one is using medicaid, there is no research needed because there are NO other options rather than using what medicaid (it’s actually Medi-Cal, by the way) says to use. But again, the comment is fairly classist — you are basically saying that poor people care less about their children. Lastly, not that it’s any of your business whatsoever, but we paid for the services ourselves.

    • Caroline a lot of your statements are not in any way backed by any dentist other than maybe Dove and a few other hacks. You keep going back to it being the parents responsibility. You are correct in that statement to some point. You have no background on Brian or his daughter yet are making the assumption that Brians family has poor dental health. There are many factors that could come into play that would have made his daughter have to see the dentist. Whatever they are it is his families ordeal and not your to judge. You also are trying to come off as if you know what “properly sedated” means. My god ….. let it go. You then make a comment where Dove could not have stopped mid procedure. Yet clearly in this case is false. At anytime Dove could have stopped and came to talk to Brian and ask for assistance in possibly calming his daughter. If you want to argue that I am more than willing to. Another point… You stated that it is standard policy for the parent to not be in the room for sedation…once again …false! The parent has every right to be included in every part of the entire proceedings. For you to argue this would be fun as well.

      “Per sedation protocols they shouldn’t have, especially with a resident doing the treatment.” that one cracks me up!! Again false!

      Now to the comment you posted above this…… “Before you report Dr. Dove to the Department of Health, you should consider reporting yourself to Child Protective Services.” This statement I have read throughout this whole ordeal more than I can count. This is the most ridiculous comment you could have made other than your false attempts at sounding like you have a DDS in front of your name. If a individual is unhappy with the services whatever they might be that is what the dental board of California is for. It is there agenda to do what they please with it certainly not yours or mine or anybody else for that matter. If they find evidence that is able to make a case to where repremand is due then they forward it to the attorney general and it moves forward. Comments like that say alot about you. To be judged by another person for something that was out of your control because you were unproperly informed it seems like a cheep shot. It is like blaming a girl for getting raped because she did not know that that certain area had a rapist there. Dont argue it …..I know …she should have looked at the “Meagans Law website”. It is the same. Nobody walks into Doves office expecting a dentist to do what he does.

      Lastly…. I could go forever but I will finish for now with this. You kept mentioning medicaid which nicely Brian corrected you it is Medi-Cal. Whether a child is on this program or not surely does not matter. Dentist should treat each patient like any other except Dove with his tactics. They are getting paid by a service which is provided to families in need. Whether it is my taxes, your taxes or Brians taxes should not matter. What does matter is that the child is taken care of properly and that the dentist never does more than is needed to make a extra income at the cost of putting a child through more than was ever needed.