acts 4

  • again, didn’t take long for the apostles to be put in a position to witness, huh?
  • i wonder what it was like to stand before the jewish authorities.  i’ve stood before a judge before, but all he could do was deny my request to dismiss my traffic ticket and demand me to pay the fine.  i’ve stood before a social worker who has the authority to take my children away from me in an instant (tends to be what happens when your 9 month old falls off the bed and breaks his leg in a way that looks like child abuse). that was fairly nerve wracking to say the least, but i’ve never stood before a council that basically has the authority to kill you.
  • also, the church in acts 4 is pretty rad.  they actually sold their homes and held all of their positions in common.  i keep going back to the fact that these people had experienced pentecost — they experienced the Holy Spirit coming in power.  maybe that’s how they were empowered to sell their things, knowing they would be ok. we surely don’t do anything like this today, and maybe it’s because we haven’t been empowered by the Spirit.  just wondering.

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