acts 2

  • peter really knew the scriptures.
  • immediately after pentecost, IMMEDIATELY, peter becomes a witness to Jesus’ death and resurrection.
  • people repented because they were awestruck over signs and wonders. i realize there there is a lack of awe at the things God has done in my circles… maybe because we are not witnessing miracles. maybe we should ask God to do miracles through us and see what happens… (well, what happens will be awesome).
  • maybe we should just ask the Spirit to come in power first…
  • also, i realize that peter didn’t give well rounded reasons for ‘becoming Christian.’ he didn’t argue anyone to Christ. the apostles just relied on the power of the Spirit that came to them to do crazy stuff… and then watched as people came to know Christ.
  • day by day the LORD added to their number. peter or the apostles didn’t.

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