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a few thoughts on (the beginning of) genesis

– I’ve always thought the instruction to Adam and Eve was clear: “Don’t eat the fruit.” But the instruction wasn’t just to refrain from eating… “nor shall you TOUCH it.” Why even flirt with sin? It seems like I go up to the tree a lot, looking at the fruit, marveling at it even… sometimes even picking it. First, is it even possible to not eat when you pick the fruit? And second, even if you didn’t eat, wouldn’t it still be classified as sin since the instruction was not to touch? Whatever the case, the point (to me) is abundantly clear… DON’T grab the fruit. Don’t even look at it. RUN. And don’t play around.

– I’m completely enamored with the idea of incarnation. The fact that God — the One who uses the earth as a footstool (Isa. 46) — came to dwell among humans… OMG, as some would say. But what I’m sort of awestruck at today is that humanity didn’t have to wait for the advent of Jesus for God to dwell among them. After the first sin – “they heard the sound of the LORD God walking in the garden at the time of the evening breeze.” GOD… was walking in the garden — and this seems to have been a routine occurrence — the sinners recognized the sound because they probably heard it before! God tangibly (not sure if physically is the right word there…) sought humanity even after they disobeyed. As a dad, it’s not a surprising thing that I seek my children even after they disobey me, but God has the power to basically strike Adam and Even from the record… to start clean with one movement from a mighty hand. It’s like God could have said, “darn, well that didn’t work… let me try this again.” …..but God walked in the garden among the people, and still does so today.


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