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Hiii!! I think it’s unfair that Mom and Dad always get to write these blogs, so I thought I should be able to write one myself. Everyone told me that I was getting on a plane and going to a strange place called India, but once I got here I really didn’t see the big deal. As long as I get to party with mommy and daddy, I don’t care where I am. But things are definitely different than home. The other day we were out on the town riding the auto-rickshaws and shopping for clothes, and I got really sleepy. I think Mom and Dad were trying to get me home as quickly as possible so I could rest well. But on the way home, I looked out of the window of our taxi and saw a man driving a motorcycle with his wife, and between them was their young son, probably about my age, riding with him, but he was fast asleep! I don’t know how it is possible to sleep while riding on a motorcycle in rush hour traffic, but that boy was good at it. And I am getting good at sleeping while out on the city too – I fell asleep in the rick shaw and woke up in my bed, but in between Dad carried me through one mall, in another rick shaw and a taxi. I even fell asleep on the train last night and didn’t even up until morning. There’s other things I would like to try – like drinking directly from a 1-liter bottle. I saw a little boy at least half my age chugging away. It was impressive!

Every day I meet at least 12 new aunties and uncles. They pinch my cheeks and say, “You come inside!” Even strangers always want to take pictures of me. I’m kind of like a celebrity here. Mom and dad always take advantage of invitations inside because then they get good Chai or Nescafe. They won’t let me drink it but I eat the cookies they serve – for some reason they want me to call them “biscuits” here. The other day a neighbor invited us inside – as she picked me up I wanted to try a new word Mommy has taught me, so I yelled, “Chai-wallah!!!” I don’t know why, but mommy was embarrassed.

I’ve also been learning a new way to play baseball. Dado keeps saying something about a “cricket” but I haven’t heard one while we’ve been here. In baseball here, they bounce the ball and you have to hit it.

Tonight when mommy asked me who we should pray for, I thought it was a good idea to pray for my new friends in India. I think that made mommy cry for some reason.

Before we came, I remember my Papa Davis told daddy to watch me wherever we go. The trains and all the traffic do seem dangerous at times, and I know that it can be difficult to get around this city with a 2-year old like me. Some places here are very different, but as long as I am with my mommy and daddy, I will always feel safe and secure.  See you soon!



4 responses to “bella’s blog

  1. Hi Belliboo,
    Do you have a picture of the little boy asleep on the motor cycle? We love you! Bow!
    Isaiah and Joshua

  2. I love hearing from the kids and in their own words!! so awesome!

  3. Hi Bella!!!
    I miss you so much..I am always running to your door to see if you are home so we can play. I can’t wait to see you again, and I hope you have a FUN rest of your trip.

  4. Thank you for sharing your lives with us – we are truly blessed reading what God is doing in your lives you are true Ambassadors for Christ!

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