india or bust

(The following is a family update/support letter that we sent out to some family and friends.  We didn’t send it to everyone we know and thought it might be a good idea to post it here on the off chance someone might read it that does not know our plans.  With that said, here you go…)

Hello Friends and Family!

We are so excited to write this letter to give a quick update on the Davis family!  Exciting opportunities are coming and we are eager to invite you to take part in our plans.

First, a quick update on our current situation: Brian has just finished his first year of a Master’s in Cross-Cultural Studies at Fuller Theological Seminary.  He is on pace to graduate next summer.  Gia continues to be a full-time mom and has also accepted a position with Fuller Housing as a Community coordinator.  Bella is growing FAST and is already 2!  She is beginning to talk a lot and continues to keep our hands full.  Also, we are blessed to have been awarded the “Great Commission” scholarship from Fuller, which will provide substantial debt relief when we go overseas long-term.  That brings us to the reason we are writing.

As most of you probably know, Gia and I have been yearning and planning to go overseas since 2004.  It has taken some time but we are finally in a place to do so.  We have been accepted to a mission’s organization that primarily plants churches in urban slum communities of the world’s mega-cities.  We have been in close contact with one team in India and will be visiting this team from October 29th to November 20th Of this year!  The purpose of our trip at this time is for a few reasons.  Primarily, as stated above, we are planning on going overseas long-term and consider the team in India a strong possibility. It will also fulfill part of the requirements for Brian’s degree at Fuller.  We are so excited to visit India and see what life and ministry might be like for us there in the future!

We would be humbled if you decide to help support us financially for our short-term vision trip to India.  This trip will cost approximately $4,000.  We hope to raise the money to cover this trip, but we also hope to establish a long-term relationship with you as we plan to be overseas long-term.  You are receiving this letter because you have been an integral part of our community and maturity in Christ, and we could not do this without your continued love and support!

If you are able to give financially, please email me ( for more information.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We would also love to hear from all of you, whether that is by phone, email, in person, or on FaceBook.  Please contact us!

Thank you so much for taking the time in reading this letter!

Grace and Peace,


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