obamiden 08!

On the heels of my good friend Luke’s terrible dream, I felt the need to post something in response to Obama’s big speech last night (probably because I thought some of the same things Luke did). You have to love the portion of any presidential candidates speech, whether it’s at their party’s convention, in a debate, or on the campaign trail, that goes something like this:

Obama: “I was in South Carolina last weekend and met Mary-Sue Margaret, who’s the daughter of a mill-worker. Mary-Sue’s husband is a disabled Vietnam vet who can’t get affordable health-care… and that’s not the kind of change we can believe in!!!

Crowd: “YEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

So you have your typical campaign trail sob story followed by an already shop-worn campaign slogan… followed by an eruption of cheers, flag waiving, “Obama” chanting crowd.

$10 says McCain says something eerily similar.  I think I missed my calling as a presidential candidate speech writer…


3 responses to “obamiden 08!

  1. While I understand your skepticism, being that is one of your gifts (I am not being a smartass, I genuinely mean that!), I don’t quite understand what bothers you so much about the speech? Sure, he’s bringing in his slogan and that might be cheesy, but he’s talking about real issues that effect real people. Do you not remember our lengthy conversation about health insurance & how it rules peoples lives? How sad is it that a man who gave his life for our country, can’t get health insurance?! Something is entirely wrong with that system! While some of the people may be following Obama blindly, many (most) people chanting his name are genuine. For once, they have hope in a system that has wronged them or left them out.

    Sadly, when describing something that is chaotic or bureacratic or terrible, we use the very word/entity that runs our country – “political.” While there are “political” things about the Democratic national convention, Barack Obama fills people with hope, inspires them to change & calls them to action. And if you are asking yourself the same questions that your friend has- like “What needs to change?” or “Who is going to pay for that change?” I challenge you to ask yourself what is right and what have we benefitted from with the current administration? Not to purely attack it or be a Bush basher, but rather to open our eyes and see that there are some things that are very wrong with our system. We can’t take the attitude of “If it aint broke, don’t fix it!”

  2. I think you missed my point a little — and after re-reading my post I’m quite sure I didn’t make it clear enough. Let me try to clarify here.

    I was just trying to poke fun at politicians who basically do the same thing over and over and year after year and election after election. Obama, McCain, Bush, whoever, all use practically the same tactics in running their campaign, particularly in their speeches.

    To be clear, Obama didn’t actually say what I posted on here, but he said something very similar. The poking fun part comes where a politician gets to the sob story part of their speech (or their heartfelt story from their own life and family), then recklessly throw out their campaign slogan (remember Bush’s second election? “Four more years! Four more years!”) to elicit cheers from an adoring crowd, without actually saying HOW change will come or HOW they will actually be different. Obama tells this sad story, then throws out his slogan, without actually explaining how change might come about for the wounded war vet (or whoever is subject to his story).

    I’m sure I’ll be writing more of my actual thoughts on this years election, politics in general, and on McCain and Obama, respectively. Check out my latest post, which I think gets at the heart of your comment that “Barack Obama fills people with hope.”

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