I like the olympics. The athletes are amazing. I’m wondering if there is any chance in the world I could beat the best athletes in the world… albeit with a little help. So, with your help, in my quest to be an Olympic champion, I need to know what’s more likely:

A.) I could swim faster than Michael Phelps… with flippers.

B.) I could hit a Cat Osterman fastball… if she threw overhand.

C.) I could beat Tyson Gay… on my scooter.

Post your votes below!

(p.s. forgive the tardiness of this post; I’ll post the reason soon)


4 responses to “olympics

  1. B.) But that’s weak sauce. Let her pitch underhand. You could hit that.

    Speed3ing in 2012 London Games!

  2. I vote C) I have no idea how fast Gay runs, but your scooter is rad

  3. Ummm. I vote scooter. (C) Yeah, scooter it is. I think I just figured out a new nickname for you. You are officially “scooter” in my book. Lame. hahahaa.

  4. B and C. never A.

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