Well, friends, it’s been a good 3 1/2 year run. I’ll never see my 5th year at MortgageDocs.com, nor will I see SignSTAT v.3.0 that has been in the works since I got hired. I’ll miss my friends, my paycheck, and most importantly, grandslamderby.com. Go ahead, create a team.  And if you happen to see ‘briandavis4’ logged in as well, challenge him! And make sure your people are there to see it!  Cause you might get embarrassed.

Oh the memories…  kitty cannondouble wirescat with a bow…  and lest I forget, LINE RIDER. Good times.

On to bigger and better things… like going to the coast next week and staying home with Isabella!


4 responses to “unemployed

  1. Double Wires is amazing, but really hard to do on a track pad. Line Rider is freaking brilliant. Glad you had a job where you could introduce me to those suckers.

  2. Ummm… not even a mention of the cactus of death?

  3. Kitty Cannon. You tricked me with that one.

  4. @Luke Mundy – the cactus of death post will come soon… just for you

    @Rebek – see… thats why Kitty Cannon was the best game ever, because there WERE kitten’s in our office making noise and we tricked you to think it was the game.

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