i’m addicted to whiskey militia

They have some slammin’ deals. And their marketing technique is incredible — I’m always checking their site to see what the next deal is. Like I said, whiskeymilitia has me addicted.

Check out steepandcheap.com too.


7 responses to “i’m addicted to whiskey militia

  1. BAH!!
    I was just looking at whiskey militia before I checked your blog. And also, maya is pissed at me because I bought another pair of Electric sunglasses, this time the OHMS. Freaking awesome. $120 for $36…shipping included.

  2. Funny, because I’m addicted to just whiskey…

  3. Oh… and turn off those Snap previews…. that stuff sucks.

  4. At least you’re not addicted to drunken violence. Get it? Whiskey Militia…drunken violence? Get it?? Hah.

    Oh, and you’re not the blog boss of me.

  5. Matt Jennings

    Wow, whoever told you about these magic sites is prolly like the best freestyle rapper around.

    One two one two…

  6. whiskey militia is the best…..

    do you know anymore websites like it besides

    seep and cheap.com

    and chainlove.com

  7. manbrodudeperson

    there’s also Woot.com but they only do one deal a day

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