Monthly Archives: March 2008


  • I’m finding out, at least for me, it’s easier to say “God is good” when I’m healthy.
  • I seem to pray more when I’m sick; mostly for healing.
  • I’ve never doubted God can heal; but found out today I doubt whether He actually wants to heal.
  • I’m not sure which presents a greater theological problem…
  • I’m also not sure what makes me feel worse — my sickness, or my daughters.
  • Actually, I don’t know why I just wrote that — it’s my daughters sickness, easily.
  • I feel so awful already, but the things I’d be willing to do (such as take on even more pain) to alleviate the sickness of my daughter have no measure.
  • I begin to understand what kind of love it took for God to willfully bear my sickness for me on his body.
  • Most of all, I begin to understand the sickness God bore for me had no measure
  • And for that, whether sick or healthy, I can easily say… God is good.

public enemy #1

Dodgers #1 prospect Clayton Kershaw.  This pitch is stupid.