california propositions 94–97

I’m sure you all are aware of Propositions 94-97, which would allow 4 Indian casino’s in California to expand their operations in exchange for payment to the state. The State has dug itself a pretty big financial hole… why not rely on trusty gambling addicts to help rectify the problem? Here are just a few reasons why I like these propositions:

  1. The Tribes will get to audit themselves. Who doesn’t like to use the “foot-wedge” in golf?
  2. The Tribes will get to pick and choose which slot machines’ revenues to include as payment to the state (therefore their highest profiting slot machines will not have to be included).
  3. The propositions will allow 4 of the richest Native American Tribes (out of 100+ that have historically been impoverished) to make more money.
  4. These rich casino’s will NOT be forced to offer affordable health care to their employees.
  5. More than half of one of these casino’s employee’s children will still be eligible for taxpayer-funded health care.
  6. Gambling addicts are FINALLY enabled to do something about forest fires and social issues.
  7. The Casino’s still will not have to worry about their workers forming a union.
  8. I will finally be able to support my daughter’s education by gambling with her college money.

8 responses to “california propositions 94–97

  1. Wow! I totally see the logic. I for one will take my girls to the casino early and often in order to teach them the benefits of gambling for the benefit of all future generations.

  2. Stephanie Ridgeway

    just finished reading that article before I saw your blog…that is out of control…right on par with our discussion on sunday though

  3. That’s incredible! I wish I could fold time back on itself and re-vote yesterday! Hmmm….

  4. Don’t worry friend, looks like 50+ percent of Californians got your back and voted yes, so for the next 23 years you’ll get to support your local schools in the casino. And if you become a gambling addict? Even better! The State of California thanks you!

  5. Measures like these make me want to light my balls on fire. Californians showed up in all their smokescreened, superficial, uneducated glory at the polls.

    The GUVNAH wins again!!!

  6. Better to vote in ignorance than to not vote at all right? ..or something like that.

  7. good call. I should remind my dad about #8.

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