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happy v-day

..or something like that.  Yeah, Gia and I aren’t the biggest fans of Valentine’s day, but we are BIG fans of this:


holy ghost tee’s

I saw this on another blog today and HAD to write about it. Check this out…

Thats right, friends, you can now buy shirts that proclaim the good news of Christ (or something like that)… in tongues. I’ve been waiting for this day for quite some time. Not because I want to buy one of these shirts, but because I see an amazing opportunity to make money here. I just realized any bible believing Christian knows they can’t even wear these shirts without properly translating it (1 Cor. 14:13), right? What idiots! HolyGhostTee’s completely failed to capitalize on this market! So, if you can translate tongues and want to make some cash in the process, please contact me and we can start printing TonguesTranslationTee’s. People will have no choice but to buy them. What’s better than getting paid for using your gifts?

your free iphone SCAM update

Once again, in case you haven’t read my posts on the subject already, this is NO SCAM. Read HERE, or HERE.

The advice I’ve been getting from people who have cashed in on the rewards is to be patient and persistent. Apparently, two of my good friends gave up and spent their own hard earned money on an iPhone — giving up on What suckers!

Currently I have had three people sign up for their free iPhone through this website. Apparently these three people recognize the value of affiliate programs. I can’t wait to get my iPhone… and I can’t wait to rub it in everyone’s face who say I’m falling for one of the oldest scams in the book.

So what are you waiting for? Get your fee iPhone now!

california propositions 94–97

I’m sure you all are aware of Propositions 94-97, which would allow 4 Indian casino’s in California to expand their operations in exchange for payment to the state. The State has dug itself a pretty big financial hole… why not rely on trusty gambling addicts to help rectify the problem? Here are just a few reasons why I like these propositions:

  1. The Tribes will get to audit themselves. Who doesn’t like to use the “foot-wedge” in golf?
  2. The Tribes will get to pick and choose which slot machines’ revenues to include as payment to the state (therefore their highest profiting slot machines will not have to be included).
  3. The propositions will allow 4 of the richest Native American Tribes (out of 100+ that have historically been impoverished) to make more money.
  4. These rich casino’s will NOT be forced to offer affordable health care to their employees.
  5. More than half of one of these casino’s employee’s children will still be eligible for taxpayer-funded health care.
  6. Gambling addicts are FINALLY enabled to do something about forest fires and social issues.
  7. The Casino’s still will not have to worry about their workers forming a union.
  8. I will finally be able to support my daughter’s education by gambling with her college money.

someone please buy this for me