urban christian

Lately, I’ve been reading this book by Ray Bakke. Ray’s speaking and writing has shaped me a great deal, and I figure I’d start reading his books again. This book is basically a bunch of transcripts from Ray’s speaking engagements and seminary classes–meaning, it’s really easy to read. I’m probably not going to give any sort of review of the book, but the following quote prompted me to write this post in the first place.

“I returned as a pastor to Chicago in 1965, and just as I came, the church passed me by. It was leaving [the city]. The evangelical establishment fled. They all claimed to have the Holy Spirit, the Word of God and the gospel. But at the same time, they condemned those who had any sort of social involvement. They concluded that the church should not seek to save or renew social structures. The people who make these statements usually live in safe, reasonably healthy communities which benefit their families, precisely because they have good schools, stable economies and decent housing. These are the only people who can afford to say, “Just stick to the simple, clear presentation of the gospel to individuals,” because the traditional social systems are working for them.” (parenthesis and italics mine)

Seems like not much has changed since 1965…


One response to “urban christian

  1. the only thing that HAS changed is now you can get a free iPhone if you promise to wear Teva’s all winter, sell ‘extra’ t-bone steaks from your van, and wear a clip-on cross earring.

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