free iPhone scam update!

Wednesday I blogged about, and how I am practically SURE it is NOT A SCAM; so here’s a quick update. I didn’t mention in my previous post that I filled out the offer. Basically, a subscription to costs $15.95 and mainly allows you to print postage from your own computer (you do this by downloading their software on your computer). It’s pretty pointless if you ask me unless you own a large business and are shipping packages of varying costs frequently. But for a regular guy like me who sends regular mail, and occasionally sends a large package, it seems pretty pointless because I can just go to my neighborhood Post Office and they’ll print postage for me. STILL, that’s the whole point of a trial right?  To see if I like it. officially has 1 month to convince me!  This is where it gets interesting.

According to “To receive credit (for, you must register for a 4 week trial, install, and print postage. Must remain a member for a minimum of 21 days to retain credit.”

My initial plan was to just register for the trial on and check it out, not expecting any charges.  So, yesterday, I check my bank account… LO and BEHOLD, they have already charged me the service fee of $15!! I immediately go to to re-read the terms and conditions. My eyes are drawn to this line: FOR THE MONTHLY SERVICE PLAN AND THE TERM PLAN, THE FIRST MONTH IS NOT A FREE MONTH AND SUCH MONTH IS BILLED TO YOU.


Well, NO, I didn’t get scammed. I immediately called and the $15 charge was only the authorization for the monthly service fee and is pending the month trial. I’m still going to check out the service and see if it’s good for me. Quick note on the offer: The conditions state you have to register for the trial, install the software, and print postage. When you register for the trial, they actually give you $5 in postage. So I’m going to print out the postage and see if the service works for me. The terms also say: “All free postage shall expire and be deemed forfeited upon cancellation of your account.”

I maintain the fact that is not a scam. All the offers are not truly “free,” but the Stamps one looks ok and is probably worth the trial run. And even if you end up being charged $15, you get $5 in postage, so the net loss is only $10, which is worth it for a FREE iPHONE.

Stop being so skeptical and get with it! Sign up!


4 responses to “free iPhone scam update!

  1. Why do I feel like next week I’m going to see you on late night T.V. with a beard trying to sell me some colored magic polish that lets you slice your car door with a sword and seal it right back up? Either that or some type of ab machine.

  2. People, this stuff is legit! I’ve done this stuff too, including the above site, and have made over $10K EASY.

    Slow and steady, learn how it works, read the terms, and you’ll be fine.

  3. That’s weird. I did the offer for my Xbox 360 Elite and was never charged for it. I used up the free $5 plus another $15 because I had just sold a lot of stuff on eBay I needed to ship. I called about 3 days before the 1 month trial expired and canceled without a problem or a fee. (I love my Xbox 360 Elite, by the way, along with my free iPod Touch! Trust me, this is legit.)

  4. Thanks for the info. I was just noticing the exact same charge on my account using this website and I was starting to get a little upset. I was about to call but noticed you had already done the dirty work. Thanks man!

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