is no joke… or scam

I actually feel obligated to write this post because there’s too many people thinking I’m getting scammed here. Ok, there’s only 3 people who have told me that as of now, but still…

So, there’s this website called that offers you a free iPhone or another reward for filling out one of their offers and then referring more people to do the same. All you have to really do is CLICK HERE, set up an account, go to the “offers” page and sign up for one, then get more people (8 for the iPhone) to do the same, and you’ll get your reward. Let me just stop right here and list some of the objections I’ve received so far…

“It’s a scam! There’s no free lunches in this world.”

Right. I agree. There’s no free lunches in this world, and this isn’t free either. Let me explain how this works for those who don’t know about website affiliate programs. In this technologically advanced world, there are literally thousands of websites out there that offer some sort of goods or services in exchange for your hard earned cash. These websites usually have some sort of affiliate program where if you send them paying customers (typically through your own website), they will in turn send you a cut of their sale. Nike… Amazon… Microsoft… etc., all have affiliate programs. Here’s what Nike says on their website about it’s affiliate program: “Join our affiliate program and earn cash by promoting our brand and products on your site. Every time you direct a consumer from your site to ours, you earn money when that consumer makes a purchase.” It’s really that simple. So, here’s exactly how it works with 1. You sign up with them. 2. You complete an offer (yes, that means spend money, more on this below). 3. When your offer is complete, whatever site you went to will give an affiliate fee. 4. You refer more people to do the same. 5. gets more affiliate fees. 6. When you have enough referrals who have made enough money, they send you your reward.

“It’s a scam! And they’re going to spam you until you die!”

I opened a gmail account about a year ago. Know why? Because my other accounts were getting ridiculously spammed with junk I didn’t want. I thought to myself…“Man, I’m an idiot. I must have given someone my information who is selling it to spammers. Boy, I need a gmail account. That will solve everything.” Wrong again. I have never used my email address for anything in the least bit skeptical, yet my spam folder is FILLED almost every single day. The key word there is “spam folder” because it never gets to my inbox! The filter does a great job at keeping spam out of my inbox. The point of all this? Even if these websites sell your information to spammers, which I really doubt will happen anyway because they’re already making money off you through the offers, you’ll never be spam free. (For all you Calvinists out there – Spam: my inbox :: Sin: my life. Feel free to use that in your TULIP sermons. Hah.) Besides, if this website will really send you a $500 iPhone, bring the spam on.

“But, that means I have to fill out an offer for some hole-in-the-wall website… I don’t trust that.”

Easy. Don’t fill out an offer for anything you don’t trust. There are some VERY trusted sites on their email list, namely and (or if you play video games). Netflix is great because you get 2 weeks free, and then the monthly due is only $5.99 if you decide to continue services. Gia and I love netflix. If you don’t want to continue your service, you really don’t have to at all… I say continue the service! It’s only $5.99 and you’ll be getting movies in the mail. Like I said, some might say “free” on them, but make sure to read everything carefully because I’m pretty sure you’ll be paying something. If you already have Netflix or Blockbuster, there are offers that only include a one time fee — such as Quickbooks, PosterPass (4 posters for $10) or Magazine Burst (subscription for a year to 4 magazines). Quickbooks is offering free software, you only have to pay the shipping and handling (which I assume is $5-$10). For some good financial/budgeting software, I think it’s completely worth it.

If you’re still skeptical, check out this guy’s blog. He’s a youth pastor and has already received an xbox and ipod from the same website. He’s a Christian so you know he ain’t lying right?

So there you have it. SIGN UP and get your iPhone too. But before you do, clear your cookies in your web browser.

UPDATE:  CLICK HERE for my latest update on!


13 responses to “ is no joke… or scam

  1. You forgot to mention that any purchases you make will go to fund Algerian terrorist cells…

  2. i would just like to clarify that i did not say “they will spam you till you die.” 😛 maybe till you get annoyed, but not until you die.

  3. Your information is very good.I like it.

  4. Once again, you’ve outdone yourself! You forgot to mention how in order to get this iPhone, you have to grow a pony-tail, wear a fanny-pack, and sell perfume from your trunk.
    “Is this how you get your kicks, Seinfeld? You and your good-time pals?”

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  6. Good luck with it!

  7. Wow! You guys are really giving this guy the business! I’ve got news for you all…this is a legitimate business. I have completed several of these sites and been paid every time. The site he is referring to (yourfreeiphone) has a cash option as well ($580 for 11 referrals), which I have completed AND BEEN PAID! Why is this so hard to understand (or believe)?
    Anyone that needs some proof or encouragement to get started, send me an e-mail,


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  9. Dude, all your doing is referals, so other people will complete offers for you so you can sit back and watch everyone else do all the work. On your link (CLICK HERE) it has a referal code in it, so your scamming all of us us.

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  11. Baloone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that website is so true and I got my iphone by doing a free trial and never got spamed !!!!!!!

  12. I just realized I never responded to “dude.” Hey, dude, you’re really missing it. OF COURSE there is a referral code in the link. The whole point of this is for ME to complete an offer (i.e. I did the work FIRST), THEN get a referral code for others to do the same. After they complete an offer, THEY TOO will get a referral code for other people to do work for them. Get it?

    So if I’m scamming anyone by asking them to “CLICK HERE,” I got scammed first by clicking someone else’s link.

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