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mama Gia

This is just one of the many reasons I love my wife.

the uniqueness of Christ

For the past year or so there hasn’t been any rhyme or reason to what I’ve been studying in the bible. I usually just end up in the gospels somewhere, and I can’t really argue with that. But I figured I should branch out a little so now I’m reading 1 Peter. It’s amazing to me how just one verse or even a few words of a verse can just jump off the page sometimes. This time, it’s 1 Peter 1:21(a)… “Through him (Christ) you believe in God…”

I was watching the Heisman Trophy presentation the other night. In the acceptance speech Tim Tebow said he’d like to thank his “Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.” Now, I have no idea what this guy’s relationship with Christ is like, but I’m encouraged that he would thank Christ by name. I think it’s hilarious how usually the winners at award shows thank “God” for whatever their amazing ability might be… “Thank you God for my amazing physical ability… for making my vocal chords so amazing… for making me the most amazing person alive”…or, whatever. “Through him you believe in God…” Is it even possible to believe in God without believing in Jesus Christ? I don’t believe so. We do not have access to God unless it is through faith, belief and trust in Jesus. Jesus is THE Way… the ONLY mediator between God and man. Christ is truly unique. Who else is there that has the right and authority to be the mediator between God and man? Nobody. Jesus is the only way to God…