Monthly Archives: September 2007

a day in the life of the davis family

So, the other day, I pushed a kid in a stroller, along the road… my kid. We walked to the neighborhood starbucks and managed to capture the day with pictures. Check it out.

On the way back, Isabella started crying, so we stopped for a little picnic…(eat) Which led to this…(poop) Which led to this… (sleepy drunkenness)

So there you have it. Crying leads to eating, eating leads to pooping and sleepy drunkenness.


bath time!

counting with bruce springsteen

Isabella is only a week and a half old, but I’m realizing it’s never too early to teach her how to count. Thanks for the educational tool, Bruce…

(brought to you by Ben Stiller)

one week

Some of the more mild expressions Isabella has made in her first week…isabella-collage2.jpg