safe at home

We were discharged from the hospital around 11:30pm Tuesday night. It’s hard to believe it’s already Thursday. Gia and Isabella are doing well — both learning how to feed a little better each time, even though Isabella is still pretty stubborn (just like her mom) and lazy (just like her dad), not wanting to work very hard for food. We went back to the hospital yesterday morning, and the specialist there made us feel a little better about feeding.

It’s so unreal to have a baby girl at home. We can’t stop staring at her and kissing her head. We’ve already noticed her change a little. I’ve been taking so many pictures so we don’t forget. We’re both learning how to be parents; understanding what Isabella needs and feels (hungry or gas!) but it still can be confusing at times. When we found out Gia was pregnant, one of the first things I thought said to myself was, “I guess God wants to teach me patience and perseverance.” Definitely true. But for now, we’re just enjoying the company of our girl. We love watching the way she eats, sleeps, sneezes, yawns, and even the way she cries… but not the way she poops. We’re so blessed to have a beautiful and healthy girl.

Thank you so much to all of you who have made us dinner, brought us starbucks, prayed for a smooth delivery, offered to babysit, and stuck it out at the hospital. It’s so humbling to have such amazing support. I still can’t believe some of you even beat us to the hospital!

There will be more updates soon, but for now enjoy this video that was taken about 8 hours after delivery… Also, click HERE for a ton of flickr photos that show all the action!


2 responses to “safe at home

  1. Your baby needs gas? Interesting…

  2. I can’t get over how sweet she is! What a precious baby girl!

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