the last supper

It didn’t exactly include unleavened bread or bitter herbs, but the other night Gia and I went out for a nice dinner that we figure might be our last before the baby is born. At Rousseau, you’ll spend, and eat… and get somewhat crappy service…. but that eating part outweighs the mediocre service because the food is absolutely incredible. And Gia actually liked that the first thing the server said was, “what would you like to order,” and the second thing he said was, “Thanks for coming.”


3 responses to “the last supper

  1. Yum! Great picture… although I was expecting more about Messianic dining…

  2. Oh really? Then why don’t you have a baby yet?

  3. Oh reeeeeeaaallly??? Why don’t you go get an… all you can eat.. punch in the f..face?

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