in your face john calvin

You may have already seen this video on youtube, but I came across it again and was forced to post it. So, open thine ears, and slick thy thirst, on the music that can force kings to their knees and oceans to boil. Behold, the song that will take you to the top of the charts!


3 responses to “in your face john calvin

  1. This song does wonders for my soul. More of me and less of him!

  2. Matt Jennings

    And who WOULD’NT choose God after hearing that?

    You see, John Calvin just hadn’t been presented with a good argument like that.

  3. Damn it! When I wrote this song and played it for Freddy (the soloist), he promised not to sing it at church…Damn his good looks and damn his heavenly crooning!

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