The Bible Experience

The Bible ExperienceFrom the Zondervan website:

“Hear the words 0f the Bible brought to life like never before. The Bible Experience includes a fully dramatized reading of the complete New Testament performed by an unprecedented ensemble of distinguished all-star actors, musicians, and personalities. A cast of more than 200 stars, including Blair Underwood (Jesus), Samuel L. Jackson (God), Angela Bassett (Esther), Denzel Washington (Solomon), Cuba Gooding Jr. (Judas), and many others…”

Nice marketing. “Hear the words of the Bible brought to life like never before” couldn’t be more right! There’s nothing like hearing Samuel L. Jackson reading scripture: “For God so love the mother [expletive] world He [expletive] gave His only [expletive] Son…”


4 responses to “The Bible Experience

  1. Matt Jennings

    Dude, as soon as I read that I thought, “Man, Samuel L. Jackson would be awesome as God.”

    Don’t act like you wouldn’t love hearing him read Ezekiel 25:17.

  2. Don’t they know Morgan Freeman is already has the role of God? Didn’t they watch Bruce Almighty…not to mention Evan Alighty (hitting the box office on June 22nd)?

    P.S. Yhency Brazobust blows.

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  4. I like this version and I’m looking forward to the OT coming out October 22. It’s already on download on

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