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From what I hear, life changes a little when you have a kid so we decided to take some time off and go to the coast before the little one arrives, and before Gia gets too big to be comfortable. Not bad timing if you ask me — it was 106 degrees in Fresno on Friday. I’m wearing a sweater right now. Some friends and relatives were gracious enough to let us stay in their place. We’re currently in Monterey and later this afternoon we’ll head up the coast to stay in Aptos until Wednesday. We went to the aquarium this morning after breakfast overlooking the bay. There’s just something about the ocean that makes a person lazy. Maybe thats why there’s so many bums in Santa Cruz. I can’t believe I just said “bums.” Anyway, here’s some pictures so far…


in your face john calvin

You may have already seen this video on youtube, but I came across it again and was forced to post it. So, open thine ears, and slick thy thirst, on the music that can force kings to their knees and oceans to boil. Behold, the song that will take you to the top of the charts!

The Bible Experience

The Bible ExperienceFrom the Zondervan website:

“Hear the words 0f the Bible brought to life like never before. The Bible Experience includes a fully dramatized reading of the complete New Testament performed by an unprecedented ensemble of distinguished all-star actors, musicians, and personalities. A cast of more than 200 stars, including Blair Underwood (Jesus), Samuel L. Jackson (God), Angela Bassett (Esther), Denzel Washington (Solomon), Cuba Gooding Jr. (Judas), and many others…”

Nice marketing. “Hear the words of the Bible brought to life like never before” couldn’t be more right! There’s nothing like hearing Samuel L. Jackson reading scripture: “For God so love the mother [expletive] world He [expletive] gave His only [expletive] Son…”