dodger PINK!

I had to do it…  After the ultrasound yesterday, Gia went to Target, I went to eBay. My baby girl’s first onesie…


4 responses to “dodger PINK!

  1. Congrats holmes. Glad we were able to kick it with you and the watsons last weekend. Not to mention witness the Dodgers bring the pain against the Giants. That onesie looks good. I’m sure Steve and Joni have a ton of Dodger gear Macy never wore so you could probably get some outfits from them. See ya in a few weeks at the game.

    And just because it was on the other night…

    Eddie (reading): It’s a hot night. The mind races. You think about your
    knife; the only friend who hasn’t betrayed you, the only friend who won’t be
    dead by sun up. Sleep tight, mates, in your quilted Chambray nightshirts.


    Eddie: Hey, I think I got something here. The Bengalese Galoshes.

    Elaine: Oh.

    Eddie (reading): It’s tough keeping your feet dry when you’re kicking in a


  2. the battle begins…

    and the saga continues…Wu-Tang, Wu-Tang…”Olympic torch blazes, it burns so sweet, the thrill of victory, the agony defeat.”

  3. As long as it’s Dodgers it’s legit. We’re excited for you guys…and not just because the Dodgers are looking to be in Championship form.

    Go Dodgers!!!

  4. Just wait, that orange & black is coming in the mail when you least expect it! This poor baby is going to have a rough life….

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