gia’s pregnant

I know this might be old news to most of you, but it seriously blows my mind every single day. I get more excited each day as I look forward to the end of August, and I never knew how much fun it would be while we’re waiting. Check this out…


7 responses to “gia’s pregnant

  1. You’re not the only one who’s good at knocking chicks up.

  2. I bet you my baby will beat your baby up with the quickness.

  3. Y’all act like you should win an award. I’m pretty sure this sums it up rather nicely:
    [Jerry, Elaine and George at a newsstand.]

    ELAINE (to Jerry, imitating Carol): “Elaine, ya gotta have a baby.” Ugh.

    JERRY: Why do you invite these women over if they annoy you so much?

    ELAINE: They’re my friends, but they act as if having a baby takes some kind of talent.

    JERRY: C’mon, you want to have a baby.

    ELAINE: Why? Because I can?

    JERRY: It’s the life force. I saw a show on the mollusk last night. Elaine, the mollusk travels from Alaska to Chile just for a shot at another mollusk. You think you’re any better?

    ELAINE: Yes! I think I am better than the mollusk!

    KEVIN: I couldn’t help overhearing what you were saying.

    ELAINE: Oh, I’m sorry.

    KEVIN: No, no, I think I agree with you. I mean, all this talk about having babies.

    ELAINE: Yeah, like you must procreate.

    KEVIN: Besides, anyone can do it.

    ELAINE: Oh, it’s been done to death. (smiles)

  4. Hello Brian Davis. My name is, well, Brian Davis also. Odd, yes? I was bored and did a search on my name and there I was … or rather, there you were.

    And to make things even more strangely coincidental, my wife is also pregnant (with our 3rd due in 3 weeks).

    Take care!

  5. Already got 2, so…

  6. sooooo….what is it? 🙂

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