protection, from what?

“…there’s no issue more important than protecting the American people. It’s the calling of the 21st century. The most important job for the federal government is to protect you.” – President Bush


Safety and security. Two good things that I believe lead to two bad things in complacency and self-reliance. I’m certainly not advocating for bombings, war, instability and insecurity in America, and I hope this is not read as a “President Bush is stupid” post (although he does provide some great humor right?). But sometimes I feel like we are only being “protected” from complete and total reliance upon God. Read Acts 14:19-20:


“Then some Jews came from Antioch and Iconium and won the crowd over. They stoned Paul and dragged him outside the city, thinking he was dead. But after the disciples had gathered around him, he got up and went back into the city.”


Let me get this straight: Paul gets stoned to the point where he’s a bloody mess, he’s unconscious, people thought he was even dead. After his health was restored (what exactly happened when the “disciples gathered around him” anyway? Did they heal him?), he goes back into the city? How reckless. If there was one guy in the world who didn’t care about his own safety, comfort and security, (in light of his calling to serve Christ) it definitely had to be, well….. Jesus, but Paul would have to be a close second. I want to be like those guys. If it’s reckless, crazy, insane, whatever, that’s what I want to be. (and yes, that is Will Ferrell in the picture)



3 responses to “protection, from what?

  1. As my good friend Tyler would quote at a Dodger game with $5 on the line… “Catch that $hit!”….and caught it you have, Davis. I’m glad you moved to the blogosphere and hope your millions get you some upward mobility so you can start meeting the needs of others. Because hey, if your needs aren’t met, how are you to meet the needs of others?

    Anywho, I’m setting one up as well so I don’t have to send mass emails out anymore. It should also serve as a nice forum for peeps to post feedback. I think I’m really excited about kicking the dead horse somemore when it comes to christian arguements over topics such as politics, the poor, denominations, inerrancy, sticking it to the man, etc.

    I’ll let you know once I’m up and kicking.


  2. Just realized I didn’t post this under your “Welcome” post. Whatevea~

  3. Hey Bro, Keep this kind of stuff coming, You have a lot to offer us and I look forward to reading more of your insite’s, wisdom and discernment.


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